A Crush on Coral


Let me shine the spotlight onto this Closet London summer coral wrap dress, patterned with beautiful white floral prints. It was the perfect fit and was oh-so-flattering on me.


First of all, I loved this wrap dress because I thought it made me look much slimmer and drew attention to my waist, which looked proportionately smaller than my broad shoulders and wide hips. The midi length of the dress was also great for showing off a little bit of my calves, elongating my silhouette.

Let me just say that I am by no means a tiny girl. I’m never a “standard” UK 10 or 12 and I’m just oddly in between these two sizes. But if there’s one type of dress that looks best on me and truly hides my bulges and accentuates my curves, it has to be a wrap dress!


Secondly, this dress just works with my skin tone. if you’re like me and have a warm skin tone with golden undertones, sun-kissed coral can be such a gorgeous colour. Rich but soft colours are my kind of thing and you can see how that plays out well for me in this series of photos.


If you’re looking for a different taste of summer, Closet London’s Aloha Summer collection is filled with brilliant striking summery colours and fabulous florals.

Closet London has so many items that complement my figure and items that I am in love with. Honestly, picking out just this one piece was such a toughie! There are pretty A-line flare midi skirts and those cute off-shoulder blouses that are so in trend in a variety of colours. Plus, don’t get me started on the wrap dresses. I was so spoilt for choice.

In addition, the boutique quality fabric and workmanship was superb, tempting me to grab a few more separates and dresses from Closet London!

Dress: Closet London
Bag: Tocco Tenero
Wedges: Shibuya, Japan

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