A heartfelt response


The world is made of more than a single point of view. I humbly acknowledge that I cannot know everything or be 100% sure that whatever I do is “right”. However, I am sure of where I come from and I will continue to reflect and remind myself never to lose sight of the “why” behind what I write and do.

I read this post by Seth Godin, titled “Two kinds of winning” and it really spoke to me.

Some can only win when others lose.

Others seek to win by helping others succeed.

One of these approaches scales far better than the other.

Here is my heartfelt response to those who may not know me, but who may have judged me (entirely your right and your choice).

May you find fulfilment and true joy no matter how you choose to win. I hope you remember no matter how we disagree, that you are still valuable and worthy.

Even the strongest of us fall, and when that time comes, when the argument of being better than those you disagree with no longer works, when perhaps your point of view becomes an “unpopular opinion”, I truly wish you well and hope that you know always that you are enough. No justifications needed.

Photo: Dean Hayton

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