Little Beauty Helpers: Eau Thermale AVÈNE Hydrance Optimale Aqua Cream-In-Gel

I’ve finally settled in to my marital home (and hopefully, long-term nest). I’ve been feeling a bit displaced ever since we moved from the F Man’s old place late last year and I’ve been (sort-of) living out of unpacked storage boxes. It’s nice to have a place to call our own and I’ve happily unpacked all of my skincare and make-up (at long last).

During the last few months before we moved in, I’ve been keeping my skincare routine simple to prevent excessive clutter and I’ve been applying the gel-like, versatile one-step skincare that’s great for both day and night use: the Eau Thermale AVÈNE Hydrance Optimale Aqua Cream-In-Gel.

Keeping this close at my bedside table to remind me to apply it often

I have to say, these gel creams have been really popular and its not hard to understand why. It’s extremely humid in Singapore after all and this formula is light-weight and feels like it’s barely there when applied on skin. Not only that, it also melts into skin and feels rather refreshing with its watery texture.

The Eau Thermale AVÈNE Hydrance Optimale Aqua Cream-In-Gel comes with a mini spatula

It retails at an affordable $49.90 per 50ml tub, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Aqua Cream-in-Gel came with a mini spatula. I see this more commonly with the luxe skincare brands, so I appreciated this nice touch.

The moisturiser is made in Japan and developed for sensitive Asian skin.

Beautiful weightless texture well-suited for Singapore’s humid climate

What I liked most about the Eau Thermale AVÈNE Hydrance Optimale Aqua Cream-In-Gel is how intensely hydrating the formulation is without feeling like a rich layer of cream has been slapped onto my face.

I usually wake up to luxuriously soft skin that has a beautiful glow after applying the Aqua Cream-In-Gel the night before. The radiant glow is probably because the product manages to protect against pigmentation and evens out skin tone.

Apply and massage into skin

If I use it in the morning before heading out for a full and challenging day, I find that even though its so hydrating, my skin stays shine-free thanks to it’s mattifying properties that smooths my pores. Other than that, it’s the perfect all-in-one moisturising skincare that protects my skin against daily environmental aggressions with anti-pollution and anti-oxidant ingredients. Being able to skip the serums and additional skincare is a God-send with my packed schedule and I’m sure all you wonder-women out there will appreciate this too.

Fresh faced and well protected – just need sunscreen

I tend to favour skincare to make-up. I have been taught well by my mother. From a young age, her rule of thumb is to always maintain her skin with skincare. She mentioned that it didn’t have to be expensive creams, even an affordable option was good enough. She’s in her fifties now and looking at her skin and how youthful she looks for her age I am convinced that, a skincare regime, no matter how simple is so important.

I’m sure my mother would most definitely approve of the Eau Thermale AVÈNE Hydrance Optimale Aqua Cream-In-Gel which is available easily in most Watsons, Guardian and Unity drugstores. It’s hard not to consider this an affordable luxury at $49.90 per 50ml tub.

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