Baby Business II

I have been really tardy with documenting my life of late.

There were a couple of developments on the personal front that took up a chunk of my time in the second half of last year. Adding to that, I was (and still am) heavily involved in the roadshow and event planning at work. It’s incredible how life took a crazy turn; It’s ridiculously fast-paced and exciting on the work front, but the same can’t be said about my personal life, which is basically now pretty hectic because of said developments and that means I’ve scaled down some of the “fun aspects” and spend a whole load more time resting at home when I can.

I do still take the time on special occasions to check up on friends, and of course those times are, typically, weddings and kiddos’ birthdays.


Gorgeous. Kid-friendly. Cake.

On the note of kiddy birthdays, I missed my annual “baby business check in” with my favourite babies, so I thought, now that I have a little pocket of time, I should get down to it.

I haven’t caught up with Rachie and #LittlePadThai as often as I thought I would. I’m a terrible godmother, still struggling with getting out of bed and my other commitments. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to bump into Rachie at baby birthdays and stuff.  Sorry, I know how I sound. Such a typical unmarried woman to talk about not having time!

Anyway, as a really shitty friend, I will only be able to do what I do best: take some photos and (hopefully) post them before everyone is yet another year older.

Baby Business: Aria & Rachie

Baby Aria is no longer an infant, but a toddler

Look at this girlie! She’s such a big girl now. If you forgot how tiny she was, look at this post when she was just born. Isn’t it amazing how iddie-widdie infants become toddlers?


‘Dem cheeks (and lashes)

Playful Aria

Getting real excited ’bout the pool. Oh baby, you ain’t got your swimsuit.

And my other favourite baby girls, #EmmaEmmaEmma and #JuliaJuliaJulia look super adorable as little grown ups, talking and mumbling about their interesting imaginative worlds.


Like a liddle polite and well-mannered baws

I’m sometimes so amazed when I see them in such a long time. Watching their personalities fill their tiny bodies and colour the world, and people around them, fills me with such wonder.


Emma and her BFF


One more precious photo of Emma and her BFF stuffing their chubby little cheeks with cake!


A much-wanted Emma 뽀뽀 Bo Bo (Kiss)

Emma is sometimes a little shy, other times boisterous and self-assured, giving her instructions like an absolute boss and giving her aunties and elders little pecks on the cheek.


Lookin’ a little confused here, Julia


Caaaaakeeee, please.

Julia, on the other hand, is cheeky and quite “chor lor” (rough). She’s spirited and such a “low-key” kind of lovable.


Lavinia doing her mommy duties

Lavinia and Rachie, you’ve done such a fine job of bringing up these babies.

Let’s just say, this baby business continues to get more serious by the day and while I am growing to love my friends’ babies more, the update for today is no update. I’m still baby neutral and being my Gen Y, commitment panicked self, I’m not hankering after having my own pie in the over and the responsibility that comes together with pie-baking.

Hey babies, it’s so amazing to see y’all grow. Continue to grow up strong and full of love.

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