Baby Business

Of late, I’ve been surrounded by many babies.

At 26, I have now two distinct group of friends, the unmarried singletons and the child-bearing demographic.

I’ve been “Auntie Carrie” for the past two to three years, but now I’m officially, “Godma Carrie” because homegirl, Rachie, just delivered her little mini me (okay not so mini at a whopping strong 3.77kg), Baby Aria, a couple of weeks back.


Rachie with Aria

On Aria’s delivery date, together with a few of Rachie’s girl friends and her mom, I headed down to capture the little one’s first moments.

I find it really surreal, and no doubt Rachie herself does too, that the #LittlePadThai she’s been carrying is finally born.


Big fat tears rolling down her precious face

Aria has some super capacity lungs. Apparently her voice was so loud it drowned out the other cries in the nursery. Way to go, little one. Look at those precious big fat tears!


Sound asleep and dreaming


Excited Godmamas and Grandma

Already on the first day of her life on earth, Aria was surrounded by a bevy of Godmothers, Grandma and well-wishers, all excited to see her and dote on her. Can’t wait to get to know little baby Aria better as she grows up.

I’m getting blow-by-blow updates from Rachie at the moment; videos, photos, you name it, and she’s growing up fast and furious. I hear she’s quite the headstrong baby too. Looks like Rachie is gonna have her hands full with this sweetie pie!


What else but a Frozen cake?

Also in other baby news, guess whose favourite two babies just turned one and three over the weekend?


Brendan, Lavi and the babies!

It’s lovable #EmmaEmmaEmma and itty bitty #JuliaJuliaJulia of course! It seems like only yesterday that Emma was little pumpkin and Julia was little winter melon.


Singing and clapping Happy Birthday in English and Chinese

Emma has grown up so much and looks like such a lady now that its hard to imagine she was once only a wee little lassie. She’s the very first baby girl I’ve ever fallen in love with and in a way, she’ll always have that special spot.


Blowing out the candles

I remember when she was a cute nekkid baby with her widdle tummy at Sam and Sakinah’s wedding and when she took a tumble after a rigorous dance off at Encore in 2014. I also remember when she started becoming a little more “grown up” and started tottering around at Alan and Ginni’s wedding.


Cutting the cake

It won’t be long before I start looking back at all the baby posts of Julia and Aria too and realising they’re all grown up.

Emma is three and Julia is already one. Baby Aria will soon be a month old.


Great grandma during feeding time with hungry Julia

I’ve reached the stage of life where I count the days and realise how much time has passed in relation to the ages of my close friends’ kiddos. It is truly a new day and a new era.

This baby business is getting serious, but hey, Carrie is still baby neutral and content being “Auntie-Godma Carrie”.

Happy Birthday to you three, little ones. Grow up strong and full of love.

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