Bachelorette Party at W Singapore Sentosa Cove

It’s my party and I’ll laze around if I want to!

Honestly, it was more like a bachelorette sleepover than a “party” and that was completely by design.

Jac, Cheryl, Silver, Flora and Vic were really accommodating when it came to my preferences for a bachelorette party. No sweaty men and no binge drinking (or puking). Just a good, relaxing time for us girls to spend together. If that sounds like a very responsible, “G-rated” chick flick, yes, that’s where I’m at right now in life. So that’s how we ended up with a staycation at W Singapore Sentosa Cove.

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So, I had a hen’s night/bachelorette party with no debauchery, just good girlfriend time

Keepsakes from the Bachelorette Party

Well, in my defense, I had some work duties to attend to on a Sunday morning, so that meant that I had to be up early and couldn’t sleep in while on staycation. (Sigh. Adult responsibilities.)

The WET® POOL is marketed at Singapore’s largest resort outdoor pool

That’s the poolside bar, folks!

W Singapore is known for their glamourous pool parties, playful personality and contemporary chic design. I’ve been to one of their pool parties (a five kilos and) ages ago, brunch at The Kitchen Table, and Woo Bar, but not a staycation, so this is a first!

We decided to book an Away Room which has a terrace with a sweet daybed and plunge pool.

Hello, stylish lobby – maybe I should pick up a few design style tips from here for my home

Nice, open spaces at the Lobby area leading to Woo Bar

I’ve got to mention this. The hotel is almost five years old (it opened in 2012), but honestly, it’s been well maintained. Everything is looking rather new, especially when you take into account how this W is a resort hotel. There are no outright signs of aging at the property (that I noticed anyway) and furniture are all in good shape (no squeaks and creaking). I appreciate this. Let’s just say, I know how tough it is for the hotel to be so well maintained.

Checking In: AWAY Room

A chic getaway; Escape into a different world

We checked in at about 3pm and was led by a really cheerful front desk staff through the AWAY® SPA and to a walkway of AWAY Rooms! The AWAY Rooms are literally tucked away from the rest of the hotel.

Photo credit: W Singapore Sentosa Cove

The AWAY Room is fairly large at 41sqm. Not quite a suite, but still roomy enough for all of us to hang out in comfortably. The colour theme seems to be shades of red and gold, while the style of the room is pretty eclectic.

King sized bed with many, many pillows

As I am a giant lazy ass slug these days, so I was very happy to be in good company and a great bed with so many pillows (even body pillows – #yaaaaasss!). We spent a lot of time chatting and just catching up, because we’re all so busy and hardly have time to hang out together.

Snooze mood/mode

Silver also caught up on sleep after a night of birthday drinks. Thanks for coming even when you’re so dead tired!

Also, the bathroom was yuuuuuuggggeeee. It was probably half the size of the AWAY Room and little wonder why.

Really spacious bathroom with both tub and separate standing shower

Body butter? Yes, please!

There was a bathtub (and TV), a separate standing shower, with both rain shower and hand shower, and separate toilet area. When it comes to staycations, I like hotels with super comfy bathrooms and great in-room amenities. A one night here was way too short to really fully enjoy the room!

Separate shower

Fresh and fruity bath soap, conditioner and shampoo from Bliss!

W Singapore Sentosa Cove provides guests with these awesome spa-like Bliss Bath + Body care bathroom amenities in a refreshing citrus-herb combination: lemon+sage. Loved the scent so much!

Anyway, remember I mentioned a plunge pool?

Peering out into the terrace

We’ve got an enormous daybed that could fit at least three of us (with space to spare)

The plunge pool… for splashing

We had a plunge pool for splashing around in (which we did). Here’s some proof of us “frolicking” in the pool. We forgot to bring our swimsuit, so we ended up in the pool with our rompers on… except for Jac, who is ever ready for anything.

Silver looks like a model, like just doing a random thing like tying her hair

Getting acclimatised to the plunge pool

Us in our rompers and Jac rocking her sunnies

I was really surprised, because Jac is not just ever ready for the pool, but she came with props. Lots of props. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, since this is Jac we’re talking about. (Read about her very epic hen’s night here. It’s a complete contrast with what happened on this one.)

She had like photo props, a cute dangling shiny pink tinsel high heel backdrop thing, a tiara, a sash, and a Bachelorette Party balloon. Like gurl, you’re super prepared for a hen’s night.

Jac and Silver’s Bachelorette Pool Wall

Here’s the dangling pink tinsel backdrop thing and me posing awkwardly with my bouquet, sash and tiara

Flora arrived with a bouquet. It was a really huge one and I didn’t expect that. I don’t even expect flowers from my boyfriend-now husband.

Everyone was really nice about it being my special day, while I was being an awkward turtle. I mean, I’m just that weird about getting attention, but I really appreciated how the girls were being so awesome about making this last “hurrah” for me a fun one. Thanks ladies!

I told you it could fit three of us… even four, actually.

This minibar has everything

There was also a remarkably well-stocked minibar in our room. But of course, we didn’t touch anything because we brought too much snacks, munchies and Jac also brought a huge 1.5 litre bottle of Coke Light, so we had no need for a minibar. #kiasu #sorrynotsorry

Coke Light is love

Dining Out: Quayside Isle

Bachelorette Dinner Plans at Greenwood Fish Market

We popped by Quayside Isle for dinner and that’s when Cheryl arrived after training. That woman is insane and she trains so damn hardcore.

Cheryl rocking that pink pair of bride-to-be glasses

We wandered up and down for a bit and couldn’t decide what to eat. We ALMOST ate at Let’s Eat, but then saw the ridiculous pricing and decided we might as well have a good meal at one of the restaurants.

Yay! Cheryl!

We ended up at Greenwood Fish Market, which is pretty darn good. I have never heard of them prior to chancing upon this outlet at Quayside Isle, but, they’ve got themselves a new fan!

Indoor dining area of Greenwood Fish Market

Cheryl got me another bride-to-be sash, bride-to-be pin and this really happening pair of rose pink bride-to-be glasses. Like okay, let’s do diz.

Not one to waste the efforts of my friends, I put them ALL on… Yes, all at once. That’s two sashes, one tiara, one pair of ostentatious bride-to-be novelty glasses and the pin.

#LikeABoss because I can

I find no shame in wearing my girlfriends’ love with pride – even if I look a little bit like a female Austin Powers here. So here I am, rocking this ridiculous bride-to-be look over dinner, because I can! Lovingly sponsored by wonder women, Jac and Cheryl. #Swag

Sneaky candid of Jac

Digging into our food, because we be hungry!

I think we kinda over ordered, but the spread was really tasty and the seafood, super duper fresh. There was also complimentary bread and butter if you’re really into carbs.

I think this was a seafood platter or basket – can’t remember

Prawn Aglio Olio

Ordered half a dozen oysters and they were so delicious (and again, fresh)

Nothing we had was fishy, but if there’s one thing I’d recommend you have, it’s the oysters. Damn, they had the briny “flavour of the sea”, but without the fishiness.

The Bachelorette Party Posse

One of the wait staff was really being nice to take a couple of photos for us. I’m obviously going for the “wonder woman x” (or maybe, it was an x-men thing) with my two bride-to-be sashes from the girls.

The “After Party”

Also Known As Lazing Around and Nua-ing

Vic joined us after dinner and we basically binged watched The Blacklist and Ninja Warrior (OMG, this is so exciting) until we fell asleep.

She also baked us her famous home-made brownies. Those brownies were the bomb. As you can see, Cheryl is very excitedly eating a piece (or two, or three).

Hands up for Vic’s brownies!

I had to rush off in the morning for an hour or two for work (that was not in Sentosa) and W Singapore Sentosa Cove was nice enough to extend a late check-out in view of how rushed it would be for me to check out by 12pm with that morning meeting I had.

I really appreciate it when hotels extend a late check out, because I know they run a tight ship and often, it’s a rush to get the rooms turned over for the next guest, so this is a really kind gesture. Muchas gracias!

Selfie time

In a blink of an eye, I’ve known these ladies for what, three, four years?

I met Jac, Cheryl and Silver through a fitness and health programme, Glow, in 2013. I think I “met” Flora on Instagram in 2014 and we eventually met up (can’t remember when this was). As for Vic, I met her through Cheryl, and we went to Perth together.

A lot has happened since then.

Jac is married. Vic is married. As of last week, I’m married. Cheryl is now founder of her own body image movement. Silver is filming Tanglin. Flora is preggers (and still a #girlboss).

Gosh, I’m feeling a little bit old at the moment.

Hopefully, we’ll continue to find little pockets of time to catch up with each other, even as we get caught up with the busyness of our life adventures. And… when’s that Tasmania trip we were planning?

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