BAGGED IT: The Body Shop Body Sorbet

Decided to expand the beauty posts here and give you a peek into what beauty products I’m actually bagging from stores. (Yeah lah, everyone thinks I don’t pay for my beauty loots – let me clarify that I do not get everything I own for free ok!)

I am not really like one of those mega crazies at The Body Shop, but sometimes I do get caught up in a purchasing frenzy especially when they’ve got new products in my favourite fragrance. Take for instance the light and soothing Moringa. I absolutely love it and find it so gentle and relaxing.

Frankly, I walk past The Body Shop Changi Airport outlet everyday, so it’s not like I’ll grab everything off the shelves in a heartbeat. I overheard one of my besties, Hemma, mention about “a new sorbet” from The Body Shop during our Cebu trip and I was all like, “Whatevs!” I mean, you should see my room to understand why that was my first reaction. I have so much skincare and bodycare products, my room (if it were a dress) is exploding from the seams from product overload.

So anyway, I popped by The Body Shop with some colleagues (who are fans of the brand too) and it was just another one of those trips to the outlet. I tend to walk in and leave without getting anything unless something catches my eyes (or my nose). I nonchalantly played around with the testers while my colleagues shopped around and I ended up playing with the Moringa Body Sorbet. Guess what…?

I was sucked right in… pretty deep.

The Body Sorbets are the FIRST cool body moisturisers that keeps skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. Points go to The Body Shop on first mover advantage here. I don’t think they are THAT hydrating (I’m sure it’s marketing spiel) but I love it for it’s super awesome texture. It feels EXACTLY like frozen sorbet and has a slightly granular feel that melts into skin. Oh mah gah! How perfect for this insanely hot June!

The body sorbets not only feel fabulous, but they also come in such delicious fragrances, mainly fruity ones with exception of Moringa which is more of a sweet floral scent. Obviously, I was just in love all over again with Moringa when I squeezed a dollop of the sorbet tester onto my forearm and massaged it into my skin.

Let me rave about it for a little longer… It has such a light texture that is instantly absorbed into skin, like water. I knew I gotta get me summa dat after  I tested it. I’m such a sucker for products that just gets drunk up by my skin- that surely gets my stamp of approval.

Each tube is 200ml, which I find pretty decent (that said, could someone make a super XL version of this please).

So how much did I bag it for? It retails for $19.90… BUT there was a 10% discount when I got it and I snagged it at $17.90.

You’ve got to visit a The Body Shop outlet nearest to you and test them out for yourself. They’re just fantastic… So fantastic that I ignored all signs of my exploding room and braved a potential nagging by the boyfriend and parted with my moolah for it.

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