Bangkok: Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigōri from After You


I am not a big fan of desserts, but when it comes to having sweets in the city of angels, I never ever say no. Bangkok is just a wonderland for my tastebuds. It’s almost always worth the extra calories.

I was back there in June for several training workshops and I extended my trip over the weekend just so that I could fill my tummy with some really good nosh… and while digesting, do some shopping. #Priorities

On my very last day, just before I was scheduled to leave for the airport, I skipped out to a nearby After You Dessert Cafe, which is just about Bangkok’s most raved about dessert chain by hungry Singaporeans. I was accompanied by my BFF colleague, Gladys, and we happily took a ten minute brisk walk over to CentralWorld for a highly anticipated After You dessert trip.


Gladys has no idea what we’re in for!

IMG_8391 New dessert? Why not? One of the best things about After You is that while they are crazy famous for their many flavours of Shibuya Thick Toasts, they also have really amazing seasonal desserts. The Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigōri (235 Baht) was one such new menu item. It screamed eat me from the photos, so we ordered it. IMG_8393  Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigōri Kakigōri is a Japanese shaved ice dessert that is usually sweetened with condensed and evaporated milk along with flavoured syrup.  At first look I couldn’t understand where in the world the “cheesecake” part of “strawberry cheesecake kakigōri” was. All I could see and taste was super finely shaved ice covered drenched evenly with evaporated milk and drizzled with a thick strawberry sauce and topped with sweet, crunchy cut strawberries. That’s looking fantastic and all, but where’s the cheesecake? IMG_8395_2 More strawberry sauce? Alright! So it turns out a rich and creamy cheesecake slice (also drizzled with more strawberry sauce) was hidden right at the core of this shaved ice mountain. Aroi mak mak!IMG_8399


I wouldn’t consider the desserts here cheap. They are a pricey way to end any meal on a sweet note, but the quality and taste is definitely worth it. The Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigōri for instance would cost slightly under S$10 but was totally good for two (or maybe even three). Something awesome and lip-smackingly good to check out next time you’re in Bangkok, perhaps?

My advice (from my visits to the different outlets) is to stick to the CentralWorld branch. It’s often uncrowded and I’ve never had difficulty finding a table both times I was there. Compare that to the Siam Paragon branch which has a “Din Tai Fung” style number call system. Not cool when you want to fit everything you can into a short trip.

After You CentralWorld เซ็นทรัลเวิลด์ (Level 7)
4,4/ 1-2, 4/ 4, Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan,

Open Daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm.

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