#BanTheBoring with Lancôme Juicy Shaker

Talk about adding a whole lot of fun into the lip gloss generation! If you love the juiciness and shine of lip gloss but hate the stickiness, Lancôme has introduced the Juicy Shaker, a pigment-infused bi-phase lip oil, that not only nourishes lips, but also comes in twenty shades and fresh, fruity fragrances to evoke different fun and sassy moods.

By the internationally renowned professional makeup artist, YouTube beauty guru and Lancôme’s Makeup Creative Director, Lisa Eldridge, the Juicy Shaker is inspired by the classic 1946 shaker lipstick and is combined with the beloved Juicy Tubes, Lancôme’s iconic lip gloss that made a splash in the 1990s. The Juicy Shaker is this generation’s lip product that’s on its way to achieve cult status with its ridiculously fun application and intriguing packaging. After all, it’s time to #bantheboring and add a bit more cheekiness to an everyday activity like applying a treatment onto lips.

Juicy Shaker

Juicy Shaker #240 in Spice it Up (left) and Juicy Shaker #300 in Lemon Explosion (right)

Because the lip oils are bi-phase products and made of two different components, a blend of essential oils and pigments, Juicy Shakers must be shaken, like a cocktail, to mix them before use.

Here are the essential oils and it’s special properties:

  • Apricot oil offers deep hydration
  • Rose de Muscat oil is rich in essential fatty acids and soothing and conditioning
  • Cranberry oil is packed with antioxidants and has protective properties
  • Peach kernel oil softens lips
  • Sweet almond oil nourishes and conditions

In the photo above, you can see that the Juicy Shaker #240 in Spice it Up has been left to stand for a day or so and both the essential oils and pigments have separated. Once it’s given a good shake, the Juicy Shaker is ready to be applied to lips and should look like the Juicy Shaker #300 in Lemon Explosion shown in the photo.

Swatches of Juicy Shaker

Juicy Shaker #240 in Spice it Up (left) and Juicy Shaker #300 in Lemon Explosion

Juicy Shakers offer a juicy albeit sheer wash of colour to lips. You can expect gorgeous shine, a subtle flush of colour, soft, supple lips after application and a good mood.

The Juicy Shaker #240 in Spice it Up is a cinnamon brown and it smells faintly of spices while the Juicy Shaker #300 in Lemon Explosion is a baby pink with little flecks of sparkles and smells like a zesty burst of lemons!

How to Use the Lancôme Juicy Shaker

Shake it, Twist it, Love it!

Juicy Shaker #300 in Lemon Explosion

Limited edition Juicy Shaker #300 in Lemon Explosion

This is so simple to use and easy to bring around. Because the colour is sheer and subtle, you’ll not even need a mirror because you don’t have to apply it precisely! The oil gets absorbed quickly too.


Shake it! Shake it!

Just pick the Juicy Shaker up and hold it between your fingers. Shake away until the oil and pigments is mixed up. Once it no longer is in two layers, you’re ready to apply it onto your lips!

Juicy Shaker

Shaken and well blended

Then take this perfectly shaken lip cocktail concoction, remove the metal cap to reveal a super soft and bouncy cushion applicator. It feels amazing and picks up just the right amount of Juicy Shaker.


Gently dab the lip oil onto lips with the soft, bouncy cushion applicator

Dab it onto the centre of lips before smoothing it out with the cushion applicator, building up the colour only in the centre of lips for an ombre effect or you could just apply it all over lips like you would with lip gloss. Unlike a lip gloss though, this is non-sticky but still gives a luscious shine that creates a sexy, irresistible, juicy pout.

Juicy Shaker (Lemon Explosion)

A real treat like a fruity cocktail

As this is a lip oil, the texture is light and glides onto skin easily, leaving a very sheer colour. The Juicy Shaker needs to be reapplied throughout the day (especially after eating), but since it’s a wonderful lip treatment, it does feel good enough and is novel enough to make me want to apply and reapply it all the time. If anything, you’ll definitely shake away the boredom with these. You’ll even hear the sound of the ball bearings going “shaka shaka shaka” in the mini lip oil shaker!

Perfect Cocktail for Daring Lips

Getting the look




My idea of a daring look, is a smokey eye and nude lip combination. It just screams confidence and is a look that requires a lot of attitude to carry off.

Smokey Eyes

I’m using the Lancôme Limited Edition L’Absolu Palette for my eyes and I chose the purple and mauve shades on my lids as opposed to a dark purple or black smokey eye, in order to balance well with a nude lip. I also lined my lower lid from the inner corners of my eye with a sparkly gold eyeshadow to brighten up the eye area even more. The outer corners of my lower lids, I lined with purple eyeshadow.

I accentuated the shape of my eyes by skipping falsies and using Lancôme’s Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara to darken my lashes and build volume and length for them without making my eyes look too heavy. Doing so allowed me to get a wide-eyed look.

Nude Lips

I used the Juicy Shaker #300 in Lemon Explosion which added a slight pinkishness to my natural lip colour.

For an illusion of plumper lips, you can also consider using the slighter darker Juicy Shaker #240 in Spice it Up and have the lighter shade dabbed onto the centre of lips.

Pucker Up for a Showdown

It’s time to #bantheboring!


Ready to #bantheboring? Take part in a beauty pageant just for lips with Lancôme!

Create your Shake Tape wearing a Juicy Shaker shade and hash tag #juicyshakersg #lancomesg #bantheboring. From now till 29 June 2016, 11:59pm, six winners will walk away each week with three shades of the Lancôme Juicy Shaker!

  1. Strike four poses and create your own awesome Shake Tape here!
  2. Upload your creative Shake Tape to Facebook and Instagram (skip Instagram if you haven’t got it)
  3. Set the 4th pose of your Shake Tape as the thumbnail of your video
  4. Hashtag your video with #juicyshakersg #lancomesg #bantheboring

Get your friends to check out your Shake Tape and like it because the Shake Tape with the most likes each week, wins! Need some ideas? Check out my take on Daring Lips in the Shake Tape below.

Haven’t tried this cult favourite lip oil product yet? Go get your own complimentary Juicy Shakeover, a complete makeover for your lips that matches your attitude! All you gotta do is register for it.


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