Carrie and The Technicolor Dream Maxi


I’ve got plenty of maxis but not that much time to wear them all. As I was writing this post, I was kind of inspired to put on another of my maxi dresses this weekend (it’s beautiful, black and made with flowing soft chiffon). But then realised… I’m too busy to be dressed up this weekend! I’ll likely be in tees and shorts on both Saturday and Sunday because I need to be mobile at all the activities I’ll be at.

I can’t believe that I am this crazy packed and at the same time I’ve never felt more fulfilled and content with what I have in life. What I lack, God provides and in abundance. Whenever I feel down and out, I am blessed with wonderful people to lift me up, support me, and then lovingly knock some sense into me until I am empowered to step out of any dark holes and into the brilliantly blinding light. I lead a charmed life and I am grateful.


Maxi Dress: Love Bonito / Necklaces: Forever 21 / Wedges: Crocs

Falsies: Charee Lashes

In all of the chaos, I am amazed that I am still juggling both The Cambelles and and I’ve actually felt driven to keep going at it even harder – just in a different way. Instead of killing myself over it though, I realised one of the greatest lessons I could learn is to learn to let control slip a bit and ask for support. I got my eureka moment and decided to grow my team at The Cambelles, which has transformed from humble blog to an e-zine featuring a plethora of informative pieces, reviews and opinion features. I can’t be more blessed to be leading a team of ladies, all beautiful and powerful in their own way. The most amazing thing is they have got drive, they have got passion and they are so inspiring. The next step for me is to also work on Solo Wandergirl and see how The Cambelles can be a complement to it.

It is all going in the right direction and I believe that my vision is finally forming into something really solid. I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t stopped to reflect, paused to rest and do something differently.

These photos for this outfit post were taken during The Cambelles’ photoshoot. I entrusted Rachie with the task of getting my portrait done (since I wasn’t keen to bring along my tripod to shoot myself as well) and I believe she has done a fabulous job. She has improved her framing and composition (and even directing this “model”) very much over the years! We’ve come a long way.

My outfit was chosen for a reason. I thought about what I wanted to wear to the shoot and I instinctively said to myself, “I’ll wear something colourful and flowy.” That was when I looked at my wardrobe and decided, this would probably be the best fit for what I wanted to convey. I like colours and I love my life which is so full of emotions, whether they be high or low. I also want to dance with the wind and bend with it and not lead a life so structured and formal. I’ve shied away from wearing this maxi for awhile. I just didn’t feel comfortable in it for a long time, but that weekend, I said, heck, I really like this maxi, and of course, I wore it.

Since I had shot these photos, I thought I would share them here as a style post. What do you think? Are you in love with colours or do you prefer black and white?

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  1. Erica December 6, 2014 at 5:05 am #

    Gorgeous dress love! x


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