Self-help and inspiration for Generation Y by a Gen Y on taking the wheel of your working and personal life. This is how I’ve done that and succeeded and failed in the process.


How I’m Probably Aging Faster by Suppressing My Emotions and Stress

Are you one to bottle up your emotions and stress, only to erupt one day, without warning? We’re probably growing older… faster. This one’s written for people like us. I recall a memory from my childhood where I had suddenly burst and shouted aggressively at my father. I was a moody child, but never expressive or loud with my emotions. […]

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27 Realisations at 27

I contemplate some of the mysteries of the world that have begun to reveal its secrets to me It’s not like I just turned 27 or anything. (Oh look, it’s November. Over six months since my birthday.) I just didn’t feel motivated to write as much because I’m still dealing with my new emerging inner sloth. Is […]

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