Taking my hair on a journey of treatments and styles.


The Road to Ash Tones

Last month, I shared about how absolutely perfect hair was (wash and go perfect) after my first ever Mucota DYNA Argan Oil Treatment and DYNA Perm at Headlines Hairdressing. Life is way too short to stick to my “preferred” shade of brunette. Now that my hair is in a much better condition, I started wondering about lightening my tresses, a different […]

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The Secret to My Effortless “Wash and Go” Hair

I had seriously perfect hair in Perth. It was so on point that even Flora, my room mate on this trip, mentioned in surprise one morning that my hair was totally “wash and go”. I hardly needed to blow dry it. It was mostly just freshly washed each morning, naturally dried and then it would cascade […]

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Getting My Hair Fixed at The Comb Hair Studio

I exited from Telok Ayer MRT and scurried over to my lunch time appointment at The Comb Hair Studio just five minutes away from the station by foot. I wasn’t really sure then but I soon found out that just a few months back I had been in the same area for a massage treatment […]

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The Undone Color at Blow + Bar

I’ve had badly faded hair for several months now. I actually never realised but I last dyed my hair in February last year and it was a DIY job with the help of my sister. I only noticed that the bleached areas of my hair had started fading into a brassy colour in October while […]

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