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7 Places to Get Your Korean Craving Fixed in Singapore

Call me an obstinate mule who, for the longest time, refused to be infected by K-wave… and now failed at the most crucial period. I have resisted the madness for more than thirteen years, which includes my formative teen years, only to succumb at this very mainstream moment, when the whole of freaking China is also hit by it and […]

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Crabby Saturdays

Crab a Bite at The Kitchen Table

There are only two Saturdays left to get your crab fix at W Singapore Sentosa Cove and damn, cliche or not I’ve got to say it, you shouldn’t let the last two Crabby Saturdays slip by. The Kitchen Table is changing up the weekend brunch experience by offering an affordable menu of remarkably fresh crustacean dishes for the month of April […]

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