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How I’m Probably Aging Faster by Suppressing My Emotions and Stress

Are you one to bottle up your emotions and stress, only to erupt one day, without warning? We’re probably growing older… faster. This one’s written for people like us. I recall a memory from my childhood where I had suddenly burst and shouted aggressively at my father. I was a moody child, but never expressive or loud with my emotions. […]

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How I Lost 5kg in a Month (Exercise Not Included)

I stepped onto the weighing scale, trying my best not to get too caught up with the numbers that would soon flash on the digital screen. It was my eighth time stepping on this very same scale and while a month ago, I was incredibly worried to see my “results”, I was feeling a little […]

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myvillage Entrance

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend at myVillage

What comes to mind when I hear the words “Serangoon Gardens”? Chomp Chomp Food Centre 24-hour Muslim R.K Eating House and the infamous troll ordering a “pork curry” The DBS branch I used to frequently deposit cheques for work at the old Serangoon Gardens Village I have formed plenty of memories at Serangoon Gardens even though I […]

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