My common sense brand of style in photos along with some-wait-a lot of words.


YOU+GISELLAblu: Suit and Brights

As a woman, I do believe I take a lot for granted. Little things like being able to make empowered decisions about what I decide to do – work alongside men in the workforce, pursue further education or something as simple as wearing a power suit – these are no longer luxuries or an uphill […]

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Wardrobe Recycling

The red buttonless shirt blouse from Gojane is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. It’s just the comfiest shirt that guarantees a slimmer silhouette. The over worn black suede heels also from Gojane are also another oldie but a goodie (other than the fact that it’s looking a little aged now). And yes, […]

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Into the Wide Blue Yonder

It has been a good thirteen years since I first embarked on my blogging adventure. Back in the day, I used to share little nuggets of my day and enjoy a limited readership of just friends and maybe a handful of strangers who were interested to keep in touch with the in-and-outs of my ho-hum […]

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