My common sense brand of style in photos along with some-wait-a lot of words.


Slipping into Pink

Apparently slipdresses are back in trend in Spring 2016. (How curious!) We’re going back to ’90s or early 2000’s aesthetics for this one, just slightly updated in terms of fabric and detailing choice. Anyone remembers running around in camisole-like dresses which Kate Moss made famous back in the day? The underwear as outerwear trend hasn’t abated at […]

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Channeling My Inner Pin-Up Girl: The 1950s Bobby Soxer

Photo by Ivan Joshua Loh with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 So if you haven’t yet heard (because you’re not on my Facebook Page or following my Instagram), my sporting girlfriends and I worked with award-winning photographer, Ivan Joshua Loh from Pigs Can Fly, on a 50s pin-up shoot. Why did we do this whole crazy shindig? No freaking idea! We just felt like it and because […]

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