My common sense brand of style in photos along with some-wait-a lot of words.


Channeling My Inner Pin-Up Girl: The 1950s Bobby Soxer

Photo by Ivan Joshua Loh with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 So if you haven’t yet heard (because you’re not on my Facebook Page or following my Instagram), my sporting girlfriends and I worked with award-winning photographer, Ivan Joshua Loh from Pigs Can Fly, on a 50s pin-up shoot. Why did we do this whole crazy shindig? No freaking idea! We just felt like it and because […]

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The Advent of the One-Piece Bathing Suit

So my late twenties (wow, I still remember vaguely being eighteen) has just about rolled around with the arrival of 2016, and along with that, the advent of the one-piece bathing suit. The thing about growing up and actually being an adult is that no matter what, it’s always a first time. A first time […]

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