Singaporean city girl meets Australia’s cosmopolitan south-east coast.


Sydney: Sydney Fish Market

I’m all for doing the touristy things when visiting a new country. I think there is great beauty in balancing a mix of commercialized tourist “must-dos” and some “wandering off the beaten track” to places where the locals themselves would hang out. One of those spots we thought was not to be missed to get […]

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Sydney: Mad Spuds Cafe

One of our first food stops in Sydney was Mad Spuds Cafe at Crown Street, Surry Hills. Highly recommended by our friends, the Twins, who had just started living and studying in Sydney (back then), this is every starchy carb lover’s dream. “Who gave me a heart attack? I died and woke up in carb heaven!” The […]

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Sydney: What Travel Means To Me

I’ve always wanted to share about my virgin trip to Sydney, Australia. It’s funny how I never got around to doing it even with all the photos nicely re-sized and sitting in my hard drive. Visiting Sydney was something I could only dream about when I was younger. When it comes to travel, I’m quite the […]

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