Exploring the mountainous land-locked region in Honshu, off-the-beaten path from the usual Japan trip itineraries.


Falling in Love with the Onsen Experience in Gero Onsen

I first heard about this quaint little onsen resort town from Flora from her last visit to Japan during winter and I thought it sounded too good to miss… even with my onsen inhibitions. Gero, a resort town, in Gifu is known for their onsen I’ve shied away from planning to visit an onsen, because of what happened […]

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Why We Should Just Use Hyperdia

I was feeling a bit too proud of myself for just a bit after I saved us from boarding a slower shinkansen service from the JR Tokyo station to JR Nagoya Station via the Tokaido-Sanyo line, just in the nick of time. With our JR Pass, we couldn’t take the Nozomi, the fastest bullet train available, but […]

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