Strolling around ancient Japan’s former Imperial Capital.

Kichi Kichi Omu Rice

Youshokuya Kichi Kichi Omu Rice

The Internet has made some of the biggest modern celebrities out of the most regular of people, doing the most regular things. The same can be said of how Instagram has turned some of the most incredible hidden food gems into #FoodPorn sensations. The alleyway where Youshokuya Kichi Kichi Omu Rice can be found Kichi Kichi […]

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Kyoto: Day Trip to Arashiyama

Yours truly usually plans the itineraries and of course gets her panties in a bunch. Then I proceed to sweat ALL the small stuff. Not the most enjoyable experience for me or for my poor travel companion (sad to say mainly The F Man). I figured, to repeat this sorry situation on a wonderful trip to […]

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Kyoto: Manneken Belgian Waffle

I came. I saw. I munched. (Quite quickly.) We could have easily missed having one of these little glorious Manneken Belgian Waffles because we were eating so much already for lunch (delightful curry rice if you were wondering) and we were off to our next destination – Arashiyama – in our Kyoto leg of the […]

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Kyoto: How to Rent a Kimono & Exploring Eastern Kyoto

Being fitted and dressed in a kimono was one of the experiences I didn’t want to miss in Japan. I’ve always adored the elegant flowing silhouette of the traditional Japanese attire and by the way, I really loved that Yuna from Final Fantasy X had elements of the kimono designed in her game outfit.  It was top of my checklist […]

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