Falling in love with the friendliness and real-ness of this merchant city.


4 Things To Eat in Dotonbori

When I first visited Dotonbori in Osaka in 2014, I was just overwhelmed by how abuzz and alive it was. Two years later, the iconic food and shopping street is busy as ever. This time round though, I realised how much more the stores were catering to Chinese tourists, having staff members call out discounts in […]

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Osaka: Shopping for a Quick Meal at a Food Hall (Depachika)

In Singapore, almost every estate has a coffee shop (or an eatery) and in Japan, every department store is bound to have a basement food hall which the locals refer to as “depachika” which loosely translates to department basement. The Japanese basement food halls are sensory overload. Greetings ring out all around; always friendly and […]

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Osaka: Intercontinental Osaka

The grand plan was to spend approximately three days at Osaka and I was thanking my lucky stars I was able to snag myself those two nights in the very new Intercontinental Osaka, right in the heart of the city. The rates were so good I couldn’t not book and the location was just unbeatable. […]

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