Konnichiwa Nippon! Appreciating the country I grew up dreaming of living in.


Falling in Love with the Onsen Experience in Gero Onsen

I first heard about this quaint little onsen resort town from Flora from her last visit to Japan during winter and I thought it sounded too good to miss… even with my onsen inhibitions. Gero, a resort town, in Gifu is known for their onsen I’ve shied away from planning to visit an onsen, because of what happened […]

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4 Things To Eat in Dotonbori

When I first visited Dotonbori in Osaka in 2014, I was just overwhelmed by how abuzz and alive it was. Two years later, the iconic food and shopping street is busy as ever. This time round though, I realised how much more the stores were catering to Chinese tourists, having staff members call out discounts in […]

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Kichi Kichi Omu Rice

Youshokuya Kichi Kichi Omu Rice

The Internet has made some of the biggest modern celebrities out of the most regular of people, doing the most regular things. The same can be said of how Instagram has turned some of the most incredible hidden food gems into #FoodPorn sensations. The alleyway where Youshokuya Kichi Kichi Omu Rice can be found Kichi Kichi […]

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Why We Should Just Use Hyperdia

I was feeling a bit too proud of myself for just a bit after I saved us from boarding a slower shinkansen service from the JR Tokyo station to JR Nagoya Station via the Tokaido-Sanyo line, just in the nick of time. With our JR Pass, we couldn’t take the Nozomi, the fastest bullet train available, but […]

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