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Sushi in Shibuya: Midori Sushi

I’m gonna be jumping back in time for this post. Back in 2014, on our first trip to Japan, our Airbnb was a five to ten minute walk from the JR Shibuya Station and we would pass through Shibuya Mark City on a daily basis as a shortcut. Everyday we would brisk walk past this little […]

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Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場)

Fish markets… a curious thing is that so far, none of the fish markets I visited felt remotely like a dingy, dirty wet market. Remember Sydney Fish Market? It’s all been pleasant, no putrid gut-wrenching smells. I guess commercial fish markets are very nice indeed, especially the famed Tsukiji Fish Market in metropolitan Tokyo. It […]

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Tokyo: Why You Need to Take FASTPASS Seriously

Because of this…  la magnifique mer de l’homme It is the one, it is the only, it is every reason to really understand and use FASTPASS to your complete advantage at Tokyo DisneySea (even more so at Tokyo Disneyland because that place is magical… magically mad with people). DisneySea and it’s magnificent sea of humans […]

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