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7 Amazing Things To Do in Phang Nga

Everyone loves the beaches and affordable resort life of Phuket. It is by far one of the most affordable and popular beach holiday location that can be accessed easily with a short flight from Singapore. That said, there is only so many times one can visit Soi Bangla in Patong for the boisterous nightlife or take another […]

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The “Meh” Kanazawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve

Joining my “That Looks Good, But Yep, Looks are All That’s Going For It” list, alongside decked out hipster cafes with decor more impressive than their food, Snapchat filters that make everyone look 100% better AND a Coachella Goddess, and that overrated McDonald’s Salted Egg Chicken Burger, is the Kanazawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve, or rather, it’s impostor. Yes, […]

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Gone (Reading) Girl

I love the texture of pulp on my finger tips. That is one of the reasons why I am in, my own way, a bit “old-fashioned” – like my choice of cocktail. I still take an incredible amounts of notes using pen and paper. I persist with recording my schedule using a Moleskine® planner and I can’t resist purchasing a […]

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Learning to Cook Thai Dishes in Phuket

Once upon a time, I was the type of girl who would take the chance to experiment with recipes and host friends with a home-cooked meal. Somehow, after becoming a full-fledged adult with very real adult responsibilities, it seems like when it comes to cooking I’ve had a 180 degree change in attitude towards it. “Ain’t […]

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