My collection of travel stories and guides from visiting the Land of Smiles.


Phuket: Three Reasons to Hire a Private Charter Tuk-tuk

Transportation around the island of Phuket is easy peasy with the abundant numbers of tuk-tuks, an open-air vehicle that resembles a mini van. Phuket’s tuk-tuks are slightly different from the automated three-wheeled trishaws found in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand and can sit up to six people instead of the usual four. Unlike in Bangkok […]

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Bangkok: Karmakamet Diner

I haven’t been on a holiday to anywhere, where I would fail to plan even just a tiny bit of my itinerary… unless someone else in my travel party was planning it of course. But when I flew solo to Bangkok earlier this year, I had gone without itinerary and without plan. My only objective was […]

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Phuket: Cliff Jumping in Phi Phi Island

Two years ago, I went on holiday to Phuket where it was pretty mild. I lounged by the beach, ate lots of good food and shopped at cluttered street stalls over a short weekend getaway. Pretty much things you typically do in Phuket, Thailand. Fast forward two years later, I found myself half squatting atop a large […]

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