Conversations Onboard the #TwitterYacht

On Sunday afternoon, I was invited to cruise alongside power Twitter users, digital influencers and fellow marketers onboard the #TwitterYacht.

Twitter put key content creators and potential partners on a yacht with Twitter’s International Marketing Director, Freddie (Frederique) Covington and Twitter’s Regional Content Lead (Asia, Middle East and Africa), Christel Quek  to kickstart conversations as they unveiled their upcoming plans in Singapore and the region while treating guests to a scenic ride around Singapore’s beautiful neighbouring islands.

So what exactly did we do onboard the #TwitterYacht?


What do you do on #TwitterYacht when you meet new friends? Well, of course you gotta connect on all social channels and then… tweet about it.

I have to say that it was such a great experience to meet people who are SO into social media, technology as well as content creation. After returning home from my afternoon out on the waters with these folks, I promptly did my research into their social media accounts and I am fascinated by their work in different genres. Cool, more content to consume is always welcome.

Kevin Lim, @brainopera, Social Cyborg and communications professional

Mohd Hisham, @mhisham, Blogger and Social Activist

Terence Lee, @terenceleejx, Technology Journalist


There were the packet ice lemon teas, bottled water and most importantly no shortage of alcohol. We had wine and beers like it was a freaking Saturday afternoon. I was so happily indulging in drink, juicy grapes and awesome conversation that I totally forgot I had work the next day.

Thank you Twitter (and Christel in particular) for making my weekend filled with happy drinks. I avoided a liver pummelling drinks sesh on Saturday but I guess this all but made up for that lack of booze this week. Could have had more, but didn’t want to fall off the boat.

Yep, this is Christel, @Ladyxtel herself, “Top 10 Digital Strategists to Watch” and Regional Content Lead at Twitter

Brian Leery, @litford, Marketing Professional

Freddie Covington, @freddie_covi, International Marketing Director at Twitter

Twitter Plans

So the Twitter Marketing team has been expanding since it’s first hire and is now 30-man strong. Onboard the #TwitterYacht, we were given a preview of the upcoming marketing initiatives that would be rolled out to grow Twitter’s presence in the region.

So what are they?

  • #Twitter4Women
    This really got me excited. Twitter is partnering with The Athena Network to bring focus onto women in business and provide them with the aid they need to start up their businesses and help them become successful.
  • Eat You Tweets
    Twitter will be rolling out a training programme targeted at high level executives leading digital platforms to better understand the nuances of Twitter, helping them leverage and utilise the platform for their business goals.
  • Take Flight
    Twitter will also be engaging media agencies with their media training programme, Take Flight. Take Flight is all about teaching media agencies the ins-and-outs of booking on Twitter and ensuring they are able to deliver on the ROI for their clients.
  •  Chirping
    Twitter’s focus is on bringing together content and this new programme is all about using Twitter to tell stories.

More news will be out on Twitter’s marketing plans for the year. Meanwhile, Marketing Interactive has covered #TwitterYacht. Read their coverage here.

We had a pretty intense question and answer session as well with topics ranging from how Twitter is managing the fake follower problem (yes, they do have a team working on this industry-wide affliction) to getting more details on how Twitter can cater more to businesses with their new “Chirping” programme.

It was an afternoon well spent and I really enjoyed the food, drink and great company. Thanks Christel and Freddie for an excellent time onboard #TwitterYacht. Three hours flew by in a jiffy!

We also escaped a scary downpour which is pretty blessed if you ask me. Look at all those dark clouds.

I’d love to find out how I can bring something new to the Twitter community and I’m definitely looking forward to keeping that conversation going with the Twitter team!

Don’t forget to follow @TwitterAsia where events by Twitter in Asia will be publicised.

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