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There are only two Saturdays left to get your crab fix at W Singapore Sentosa Cove and damn, cliche or not I’ve got to say it, you shouldn’t let the last two Crabby Saturdays slip by. The Kitchen Table is changing up the weekend brunch experience by offering an affordable menu of remarkably fresh crustacean dishes for the month of April between 12pm to 3pm.

Appetisers, full-on crab dishes done in different styles and sauces and crabby carb options are available on a special a la carte menu (starting from $10++) or as a set for two ($68++) or a set for four ($98++).


My dining companions for a no-holds barred crab-tastic brunch

No more wondering what “market rate price” is for your crab orders, The Kitchen Table takes all that complication out of the crab-eating equation and it’s a standard price for each a la carte and set order of any crab dish, in particular the whole crabs ($33++ each).

There are two unique styles of whole crabs that I found completely refreshing and differs from the usual Singaporean-style Chilli, Pepper and Butter Crab variations.


Crab Curry Kankrar’r Jhol

Taste the Crab Curry Kankrar’r Jhol ($33++), something you’ll definitely not find everyday in seafood restaurants. The recipe hails from Bengal and the tangy, sweet curry doesn’t pack intense heat, and instead is heavy on fragrant spices.

The burst of strong flavours from the whole crab dish was really perfectly complemented by the fresh and sweet crab flesh that peeled cleanly off from the shell thanks to its freshness. This was easily my favourite dish, hands down.


Wok Fried Crab with Tamarind and Chilli

The Wok Fried Crab with Tamarind and Chilli ($33++) was a dish I found a sweeter and spicier, but less distinctive and memorable compared with the Crab Curry Kankrar’r Jhol. Nevertheless, its delicious appearance is matched by its taste and once again, super fresh crab that carried a touch of sweetness.

Consuming crab takes skill as any hardcore crab lover would attest and that whole experience is transformed into an art with a full set of tools, seafood scissors, cracker and picks provided very thoughtfully by The Kitchen Table in the event you’d prefer not to go all primal and use only your teeth and fingers… like I did. I shocked my poor dining companions by getting all gung-ho and cracking the “soft” spot of the crab shell with my teeth. I live dangerously… but in seriousness, I probably shouldn’t do this again.

If you’re thinking of having the whole crab dishes, I highly recommend opting for the set for two or four as it provides so much more value.

Set for Two ($68++): Choice of two starters or soups, one fried rice or pasta and one curry or wok-fried crab

Set for Four ($98++): Choice of three starters or soups, one fried rice or pasta and two curry or wok-fried crabs

Here are some of the Crabby Saturday menu items I’ve tried on my visit to The Kitchen Table.


3 Crab Sliders with Cheesy Fries And W Remoulade Sauce ($22++)

The sliders boast a thick juicy crab meat patty and a delightful serving of carbs in the form of Cheesy Fries (or rather potato wedges). This is one of the appetizer choices, should you opt for a set, that definitely delivers value!

Homemade Crab Rangoon with Chipotle Aioli

Can’t go wrong with something deep-fried till crispy and golden like the Homemade Crab Rangoon ($10++) that comes with a side of Chipotle Aioli. A large dumpling stuffed with savoury crab meat, this whet my appetite for sure.


Southern Style Crab Bisque Served in a Bread Loaf ($14++)

The Southern Style Crab Bisque is also another great value option. The rich and creamy crab bisque features chunks of fresh and succulent crab, making this an easy start to a wholesome crab feast.


Wok Fried Crab with Tamarind and Chili and Crab Meat and Char Siew Wok Fried Rice

Need some carb? There’s the Crab Meat and Char Siew Wok Fried Rice ($33++), a simple, homely recipe that’s made a little more indulgent with pieces of crab meat. This is a dish which presents familiar flavours for most of us locals and can hardly go wrong. A western option would be the Linguine In A Creamy Crab Meat Alfredo Sauce.


Delicious popsicles to cool down with during this heatwave

Seeing as how it’s ridiculously hot these past couple of weeks, I’ve never had bigger cravings for ice creams, ice shavings and popsicles to cool off as much as I do now. I’m not usually so big on dessert, but this heatwave is driving me nuts.


Happy fatty moments with my Momolato popsicle

I happily chomped down on my Hokkaido Milk and Strawberry Momolato fruit popsicle (the one with the blue packaging) after the meal, which was served to me in a giant pile on a platter.

Like okay, take my pick? Don’t mind if I do!


The Kitchen Table

Honestly, the price is great, the food is pretty good and the ambience well worth it. Especially for all you girlies who want nice #OOTDs.


Plus, if you don’t mind the heat, you can also venture outside and take some lovely pool side photos. Of course, you can’t take a dip, unless of course, you’re so baller, you booked yourself a staycation along with that reservation at The Kitchen Table for Crabby Saturday.

The Kitchen Table @ W Singapore Sentosa Cove
21 Ocean Way Sentosa, Singapore 098374

Open weekdays from 6:00am to 11:00pm.
Open weekends from 6:00am to 12midnight

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