Why Daylong SPF 50+ is the best sunscreen for every weather

The monsoon season is here and while on most days the weather is grey and rainy, there are the occasional rare and much treasured sunny days when I’ll rush to take advantage of the beautiful sunlight and head outdoors. It’s a no brainer to put on sunscreen for those bright adventures outdoors, but I am sometimes tempted to skip sunscreen when it’s rainy – after all, if it’s wet, cold, dark and I can’t even see the sun how can I get sun damage, right?



Why I’ve Been Playing My Sunscreen Game Wrong

While we probably don’t have to put on as much sunscreen as during the scorching hot tropical island weather other times of the year, it’s still highly advisable to slather on some sunscreen because it’s not the temperature that causes sun damage on our skin, but the UV rays and IR emitted by the sun. IR is also emitted by electronic devices.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause freckles and even a rash. It’s also the reason why we end up lobster red, sunburnt or tanned after excessive exposure to the sun! Prolonged over exposure to UV rays can age skin, making it look wrinkly, dry and may eventually cause ‘age spots’.
  • Infrared Radiation (IR), unlike UV rays, can penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers. These waves could contribute to breakdown of dermal collagen and reduced collagen renewal, accelerating photo-ageing of skin.

The worst part? Both UV rays and IR waves can penetrate through clouds and even rain.

In view of this unbearable humidity during the monsoon season, it makes sense that my favoured sun protection should not only protect my skin, but also feels light on skin without any hint of oiliness and stickiness.


Why Daylong SPF 50+ Works Anytime, Any Weather

If you’re hunting for the perfect sunscreen for any weather that feels comfortable on skin all day long, you might want to grab a tube of Cetaphil Daylong SPF 50+ Gel 50ml with PA++++.


Looks Cream-Like But Applies Like A Gel

Top marks for the texture of this sunscreen. When I squeezed some out of the tube, I saw a white, opaque cream and thought it would be a lot thicker than it really was. Lo and behold though, it was easily applied onto my skin with circular motions and absorbed in a jiffy. When it’s so humid, who wants to have a layer of sunscreen which takes forever to be absorbed?


Looks like a cream but feels and applies like a gel


No grey or white cast after application

It’s so light on my skin, I forgot I was wearing it. It leaves behind a wonderful matte finish. No ugly grey or white cast, no greasiness and no worries that my make-up wouldn’t stay.

Comes In The Right Size to Carry Around

The 50ml tube is small and portable making it easy to stay protected from sun damage. It’s so handy, I can easily dump it into my favourite tiny bucket bag or handbag. No sweat!


Offers Full Spectrum Protection Rain or Shine, Indoors and Out

Let’s admit it. We all think we get a free pass on sunscreen when we’re indoors. Obviously, a bad choice if we all want to stay youthful looking well into our thirties or forties. The Daylong SPF 50+ Gel offers protection from dastardly UVA and UVB rays, as well as IR which we are exposed to indoors and outdoors. It is also clinically proven to  minimise UV-induced DNA damage and reduce the effects of sun-induced skin ageing. It is also very water resistant which is super important whether you’re at the beach or trying to battle the monsoon downpours.

Can Be Used All Over Face and Body

No need for a separate sunscreen, you can use it on both face and body.


Scent-Free, Paraben-Free and Doesn’t Irritate Sensitive Skin

This sunscreen is fragrance-free making it perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin, as that reduces the chance of irritation.

The formulation is gentle and great for sensitive skin with its non-comedogenic ingredients. I found no tingling or burning sensation when I applied it. It is also paraben-free and contains Vitamin E, which has anti-oxidant properties.

Affordable Price

It’s going for $32.90 – a truly affordable price tag for an effective sunscreen.


Want to try it out before committing to a 50ml full tube purchase of Daylong SPF 50+ Gel? Get your sample by filling up this form today.

The Daylong SPF 50+ Gel is available from the National Skin Centre and selected retail and hospital pharmacies at $32.90.

This post is brought to you by Daylong Singapore.

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