My Favourite Casual and Dressy Outfits

Man, is it May already? Since I embarked on my role as a Community Manager handling social media and juggling planning events and roadshows, balancing my work and personal life has been ridiculously challenging. I’m not kidding when I say the pressure is on 24/7. The last thing I have the time for is mulling over what to wear to wear and if I look cute in an outfit. (Ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat!)

As a girl on-the-go, I often find myself opting for versatile pieces that I can wear over and over comfortably. However, when the occasion does call for it, I do try to wear something a little fancier, so long as it isn’t too figure hugging and still allows me to feel comfortable in style. Here are my personal favourite casual and dressy outfits from the past couple of months! (Don’t want to waste those painstakingly taken OOTDs by the #InstagramHusbandToBe.)

Keepin’ it Casual

On days when I still need to look presentable while comfortable

Jumpsuits are the best things ever, especially if they aren’t too fitted and give me space to breathe and move. I’m constantly super hands-on at roadshows and running about for work, so you won’t catch me in outfits that are too restrictive. I’ve got this low-cut black jumpsuit from Tobi that’s potentially gonna be super sexy if I don’t layer it over a top. Meanwhile for my “rough and tough” days, I love putting on this jumpsuit, switching up the top depending on my mood and just rolling with the punches in comfort!

Top: Uniqlo
Jumpsuit: Tobi
Footwear: Charles & Keith

Oh sequins! I love them, but they can be so, so loud! Recently, I thought of doing something to make one of my sequin slip dresses with an extremely low-cut v-neckline wearable for the semi-casual weekends. I wore it with my go-to white Uniqlo top (which goes with absolutely everything) and voila! How’s that for an idea for all those pretty dresses you’ve left hanging in the wardrobe?

Top: Uniqlo
Dress: Tobi
Footwear: Tangs

Getting Dressy

On days when I just want to feel fabulous

Since last year, I’ve gotten myself this ingenious fashion subscription, Style Theory. I pay a subscription fee every month and using an app, I’m able to choose designer apparels, accessories and bags for loan. It’s pretty smart and I love the concept that it’ll cut down on unnecessary purchases. Who else have experienced purchasing some outfits that you’ve only worn ONCE or sometimes never? Style Theory allows me to wear pretty dresses and outfits almost every week. I get to choose three items each time and is sent to me by courier. Perfect for those #ForTheGram moments. Once I return three items, I pick another three and rinse and repeat! Thanks to this, I’ve found some real winning outfits that I don’t mind buying – like this little black dress from Australian label, Elliat.

Dress: Elliat
Footwear: Tangs

While I haven’t been at too many events lately, I visited WooBar at W Sentosa Cove for a drink a month or so ago (or was it two?). Got to catch up with homegirl, Ally, and long-time-no-see Jackson there and it was awesome. To match with the hotel’s fashion forward theme, I was in this beautiful, sparkling bare-back sequin dress. A rarity to catch me in something like this, but a girl has her “on point” days.

Dress: Tobi


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