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Do you have friends who are completely awesome people, ready to mingle, but are still so darn single even after Okcupid, Tinder and whatever app is the rage these days? Yes. I have plenty of friends like that.

I admit, after being attached for a good number of years, I may have forgotten how it feels like to be really truly solo. Well, but as I was thinking back to the time when I finally got attached, I realized that I was completely having fun. I was ready to commit but also cool to just… not. I was just getting to know people, having a blast, and going places. The theme song of my life from when I was successfully dating and then successfully attached was… “Everything is Awesome!” So maybe there’s a kind of science behind dating success: Just have a ball of a time and be open to new experiences and people a.k.a have an awesome life you love.

I guess the founders of social networking app (I will stop short of calling it a dating app), Finalsip got this figured out over a round table session which no doubt involved alcohol (why else would this app even be called Finalsip?). Since having a good time actually is integral to actually having an awesome life, they’ve developed an app that incentivizes people to socialize. And I don’t mean just a couple of messages on Whatsapp but socialize for real… in person. This brings new meaning to the phrase “Friends with Benefits”.

IMG_0543Host, Irene Ang, entertaining the crowd


So does Finalsip allude to the involvement of alcoholic beverages during app usage?

I was invited to Finalsip’s exclusive launch party by Estelle earlier this year in June at Zafferano(Okay, I admit, this is horrific backlog, but I need to share about this anyway!)


Everyone’s having fun… even the bartenders at this launch.


Bloggers, socialites, and invited guests at the launch party

So what is Finalsip and why should anyone bother enough to download and use it?

  • No More Small Talk, Just Take Action
    Online dating can be really insufferable. I mean, small talk is great and all, but getting to know a person takes guts and awkward chats just do the whole get-to-know-you ritual really lame. No guts, no damn glory, people. Finalsip makes taking action a natural process as it should be. To put this bluntly, it really cuts through the crap clutter. You declare your interest in someone at “The Bar” from the get go and you go for it, dude/dudettes.
  • Real People Only, No Cars Pretending to Be People Allowed
    What can be more annoying than someone using a pet or car photo on their profiles. Like seriously? Can you put in more effort a not? You must upload a photo of yourself and every account is personally verified.
  • Get Rewarded for Meeting Up
    Meeting up after all that getting-to-know-you ritual is also a pain in the ass for many people. There’s too much inertia in the way. Finalsip makes meeting up… rewarding (pun intended). Every time you use the app to meet up successfully and both parties using the app “certify” each other, you get bonus points. Bonus points can be redeemed. So you basically get rewarded in tangible items from “The Mall” and you don’t just walk away with an experience be it good or bad. There’s plenty of things to collect points and redeem and there are luxury items such as designer bags (Chanel 2.55 anyone?) and dining vouchers (perhaps handy for additional dates).
  • It’s a Drinking Game or sorts… without the drinking (yet)
    Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play Store (it’s free!) and register as a member. “The Bar” is where you can browse profiles of other members and if you see someone you like to get to know better, use your drink credits to play a game – buying shots from a virtual bottle – and win yourself a chance to privately chat with your POI (person of interest). If you’re the lucky person to buy the “final sip” of the bottle before the timer runs out, you get the chance to access a private chat to arrange for a meet up. If the meet-up turns out to be a success, both parties “certify” each other and that’s how you get score some bonus points.At any point if you run out of drink credits and can’t wait for them to replenish within a stipulated time frame, you can buy them (that’s real entrepreneurial, huh)!


Guests were treated to an introduction to the app and social experiment videos being shown on screen


Okay, very nice.


Guests mingle over a beer or choice of their favourite social lubricant

I actually think this is quite brilliant. I may not use it, but for friends of mine who have been relentlessly updating their dating profiles, sending PMs and getting non-committal answers, this seems like another way to meet new people. It opens up possibilities – new friendships can form so long as two people are open to getting to know each other instead of closing up and waiting for the “right fit”. After all, your online persona works only online but we do need to meet and interact in person to know if that person will make a great friend or… something more?

Also, how often do you catch yourself saying, “As if you can believe everything online!”

But it’s funny then that we also tend to say to ourselves, “Why judge me based on what I post on Facebook? As if you know me!”

Do we have beliefs that stop us from opening and connecting with others? Maybe, just maybe, you can’t know someone inside out just online and you need to take it offline. But for that you need to take a chance (and preferably not just a wild chance, but one which is also in a safe environment, guys).  Well yes, there’s a materialistic component to this app, but seriously, I think it just makes everything a bit more fun and exciting to earn points (Gamification at work) and redeem cool stuff.


Group shot of the ladies I spent the night with


Karen and her guest


Finally caught a shot with Karen

I was at the party on my own – I did not come with a plus one – and I was so glad I managed to bump into so many familiar faces. By the way, all these people, I first met them online, but what really made things click was taking action to take online relationships, offline; To make it real.

You can spend your life on emails, Whatsapp chats or Facebook messenger, but nothing beats good ‘ol face-to-face and actual human connection. Online is a fantastic extension to offline and not the other way round. That’s what I firmly believe. And imagine… this coming from a social media addicted blogger like me.


The last time we were all together was probably the retreat with previous BFF Challenge participants – Jac and Silver


Johannes and Jac


Christine and Mint


Mint and Silver

Kudos to the Finalsip team for conceptualizing an app that makes human connection an important part of the experience and for making it, most importantly a whole bunch of fun!

So, if you’re sick of swiping right on Tinder and getting nothing back, or getting snowed over with corny pick up lines on Okcupid, maybe you’ll want to download Finalsip. At least someone has to work hard before the private messages happen – Go big, make an impression, or go home. Best of all, you know if these people are on the app, there’s a higher chance of actually meeting them in person too. I mean… why else would you be on Finalsip?

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