How I Found My Ring Box By Surfing Instagram

Our gold rings sitting pretty in the acrylic ring box I found on Instagram

The Art of Social Media Shopping

You don’t find them, they’ll find you

So I found my ring box while browsing (and liking every damn thing) on Instagram. #TrueStory

All it takes is a couple of likes on a few “wedding” accounts on Instagram and then, oh goody, they’ve gotcha! On the Explore page as you’re going about looking at all these awesome photos on Instagram, suddenly, you’ll see several Instagram posts on gowns, wedding photography, wedding jewellery… Then comes the random wedding editorial posts, and before long you’re aggressively targeted for wedding-related Instagram ads on your own newsfeed.

That’s the beauty of absent-mindedly liking and bookmarking posts on Instagram. The cookies will work and you’ll be shown tonnes of wedding related anything everything till your “like” patterns start changing.

So here’s a tip. If you’re getting married, keep hitting like on wedding related shit and soon enough you’ll be targeted, which isn’t so bad, because it saves you so much time, hunting vendors out. I’ve been using this tried and tested method for EVERYTHING. So if you’ve seen me liking way too many posts on Facebook or Instagram, now you know what the deal is.

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Simple round gold rings from Teng Huat Jewellery

Getting Our Old School Rings

Nothing fancy, just 916 Gold Wedding Bands

So, the F Man and I got our rings from a real old school goldsmith in Bedok, that had just started feeling its way around Facebook advertising. The goldsmith was called Teng Huat Jewellery and all I can say is that it’s not the kind of jewellery store a millennial will pop into on a weekend stroll around the heartlands, if you know what I mean.

That said, I wasn’t looking for a diamond encrusted fashionable millennial rose gold kind of wedding band that would sit perfectly under my teardrop shaped engagement ring. We were in the market for some solid 916 gold bands at a good price, so we were looking for exactly a goldsmith like Teng Huat. And indeed, we got ourselves a good price for our yellow gold round wedding bands. Really good.

The only drawback from buying our rings from a traditional place like Teng Huat was the really blast from the past velvet red double ring box the rings sat in. It’s not like the best quality, but it does it’s job of holding the two wedding bands alright. I told the F Man, I’d figure something out and maybe Etsy a ring box or DIY one.

Going For A Customised Ring Box

And giving up on the DIY idea

This gorgeous ring box from Fort Bridal Novelties popped up on my Explore feed about two months before my wedding. Still, I was adamant about that DIY plan. I even stopped by Daiso and got a nice little wooden box, but honestly, buying the box was the furthest I got.

After one too many late nights sorting out every other detail for the solemnisation, I kinda gave up on my original artistic endeavour. I very nearly got a random Daiso saucer to pass off as a ring dish because I was getting so lazy about the whole ring box DIY project and I really didn’t want the usual geometric glass ring holders I kept seeing everywhere. Those were quaint, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Less than a month to my wedding, I succumbed and got out my credit card and purchased this ring box from the website.

Ring box customised with the engraving of our names, wedding date and wedding hashtag

Close up on the engraving on the acrylic ring box

The ring boxes from Fort Bridal Novelties are really eye-catching and I was actually pretty impressed by the selection of colours available. In my case, my colour theme was a deep burgundy and lush green and they so happened to sell one that would blend in perfectly with my decor plans.

I really liked how the box was acrylic and if I ever wanted to switch out the fake floral bed in future, I’d be able to do so as well. The option of engraving in gold or silver (choice was mine) tipped the scales in favour of buying the ring box further. I requested for our names, wedding hashtag #CareFreeinDebt, and solemnisation date to be engraved in gold. Nice, guess who won’t be forgetting this important date anytime soon.

The ring box wasn’t cheap and it’s definitely one of the small splurge opportunities I had, but I thought it was worth the money (all $75.80 not yet including shipping) spent.

Our ring bearers were cheeky Julia and big sis Emma

These girls!

A plus point was that it was made of acrylic and wasn’t fragile. Our ring bearers for our solemnisation were two of my favourite baby girls, mischievous ‘lil sis, Julia, and cheeky big sis, Emma, so it would have been pretty tricky for the wee ones to hold onto anything like a breakable ring dish or glass holder anyway!

They didn’t kick up a fuss or get cranky. Once again, I have to say, Lavinia, you’ve brought up your little ladies so well.

Everyone was surprisingly in theme somehow

One of the F Man’s best buds helping us with the rings

I don’t think we planned in advance someone to hold onto the rings, but one of F Man’s best buds, J, helped hold onto our ring box and the little envelopes that contained our vows after the processional and during the exchange.

I was pleasantly surprised that both he and our JP, Pauline, came in super primary colour red which ended up fitting nicely in theme. Not sure if the F Man secretly planned it, but I just mentioned the unofficial dress code as “La La Land” colours in our Facebook Event for our solemnisation just for fun. I wasn’t expecting anyone to turn up in those shades, but wow, many of our guests did. Thanks guys!

So yeah, that’s #storytime for today. I’m actually really impressed by how I managed to use Instagram and Facebook ad targeting to my advantage to shop the little touches for my wedding. Okay, that said, it is admittedly not as resourceful as shopping on Taobao. Nevertheless, am happy with this forever keepsake (and gentle reminder of my solemnisation date).

Photography: Guan Hui & Silvia, Bloc Memoire Photography

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  1. Felicia Grace Tan November 1, 2017 at 9:38 am #

    Man. If only you posted earlier the year, would have pot for that kinda ring box too. Looks very special and elegant.

    • Carrie November 1, 2017 at 2:01 pm #

      I thought it was worth the splurge – and I was lazy to DIY! 🙂 I now have it displayed in my home.

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