Introducing Serenity into My Wardrobe


It seems that without realising, I’ve become such a #basicbitch of sorts in the outfit department and have been gravitating towards clothes in the two Pantone of the Year 2016 colours: Rose Quartz, a soft warm pastel pink, and Serenity, a tranquil dusty blue. I guess it helps that brands are rolling out so many pieces in these calming hues because it’s literally their year, so thank God these colours are in trend.

When I introduced this shade of blue into my wardrobe, it was a bit of a gamble. I love pastels and light colours, but I’m also terrible at keeping my light clothes clean. I love curries, sauces and generally things that are sloppy and splishy-splashy right (often times, right onto my clothes, damn it), so I wondered if I would survive a full day out in anything in this colour… and I did.


I found this off-shoulder piece while browsing Pomelo. A couple of friends have been asking me about the apparels, the quality and also the delivery and service offered by Pomelo and I guess that’s really because the pieces have such an Instagram-worthy aesthetic. Most of the dresses, tops and bottoms I’ve purchased so far are so minimal but with interesting details.

Take for instance the flowy off-shoulder detail and the flattering long sleeves. The top is also tighter at the bottom so that it sits nicely at my hips and the real winner is the drapey drop back with the attached string tie to get the perfect fit for my shoulders.


This top was so befitting for my build. I usually look broad enough as it is and my arms are a huge problem area for me that is worst hit by my water retention and on-again-off-again weight gain, so the long sleeves were a great way for me to show off my shoulders (one of the things I like most about my broadness) without showing my flabby arms, which makes me look so much bigger.

As for whether the apparels from Pomelo are worth the price, I have to say the quality can rival pieces from Zara. These are of good quality and none of the cheap materials and zips that are so common from online retailers. These guys really keep the quality control tight. I also like that they have the option of returns. There was a time I really avoided online shopping because I just ended up with ill-fitting or low-quality pieces from blogshops. This is why I’m almost always shopping on Pomelo these days.

P.S: I’m absolutely crazy about Laneige’s Two Tone Lip Bars which I’m wearing in the photos. I have on Shade 1 Magenta Muse and I love how the two tones easily apply into a well-blended soft gradient that’s all the rage in Korea (and probably China now that there’s #DOTS – Descendants of the Sun – madness).

Top: Pomelo
Trousers: Platinum Mall (Bangkok)
Heels: Jelly Bunny

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