Kyoto: Manneken Belgian Waffle


I came. I saw. I munched. (Quite quickly.)

We could have easily missed having one of these little glorious Manneken Belgian Waffles because we were eating so much already for lunch (delightful curry rice if you were wondering) and we were off to our next destination – Arashiyama – in our Kyoto leg of the trip.

So what stopped us in our tracks?

I hate to say this, but that would be my inner glutton. One whiff of the waffle batter cooking in the waffle maker and I was off on a mission, impromptu.

I let my entire body stray from our course of action, which was walking in a straight line towards the train platform, and in the direction of the beckoning Manneken Belgian Waffle display.


Pissing baby from Manneken, Belgium as mascot. Why?!

The F Man shot me a dirty look for being such a greedy pig. I just pouted and forcefully dragged him over to get our hands on one of these crisp looking waffles. No RAGRATS regrets, my friends. NONE. So freaking delicious. #sorrynotsorry


Chocolate-covered sweetened Belgian waffles

Unlike the other variety of belgian waffles, called brussels waffles, which are soft, fluffy and doughy on the inside (yeah, the kind I’m accustomed to making and serving when I was a Ben & Jerry’s scoopy), the ones from Manneken are actually the liege waffle variety which is smaller, denser and very crispy with a nice caramelised finish that gives the whole thing extra crunch.


I’m a happy camper in Japan

Manneken Belgian Waffles is a chain store selling a whole range of liege style begin waffles in more flavours than you can think of. Anything from regular chocolate-coated to matcha and even sesame seed sprinkled.

While I found a counter selling this at the Kyoto JR Station, there are branches in Osaka and Tokyo as well, so don’t get your panties in a bunch if you don’t have plans to visit Kyoto. You might still pass by one of these belgian waffle counters, especially at JR stations.

Would buy a couple more to go if I could turn back time.

By the way, doesn’t this remind you a little of Arinco Roll? I guess in Japan all these thousand and one flavour sweet snacks (complete with seasonal flavours like pumpkin and sweet potato) are what sells.

Manneken Belgian Waffle Kyoto JR Station (JR京都駅店)
〒600-8216 京都市下京区烏丸通塩小路下ル東塩小路町 JR京都駅構内
600-8216 Kyoto City, Higashi Shiokoji-cho, Karasuma-dori, Shiokoji sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, JR Kyoto Station

Open Daily from 7:00am to 9:00pm.

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