The “Meh” Kanazawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve

Joining my “That Looks Good, But Yep, Looks are All That’s Going For It” list, alongside decked out hipster cafes with decor more impressive than their food, Snapchat filters that make everyone look 100% better AND a Coachella Goddess, and that overrated McDonald’s Salted Egg Chicken Burger, is the Kanazawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve, or rather, it’s impostor.

Yes, this.


Looks like a dream, tastes like a watered down soft serve ice cream… plastered with a token gold foil.


Kinda meh. Still, it made for a pretty picture, anyway.

Kanazawa was one of the stops during my Japan trip earlier this year. It was basically just a pitstop but we ended up spending a whole day there after we found out that the buses to UNESCO World Heritage site, Shirakawa-Go, a traditional village in Gifu Prefecture, were all fully booked out and we wouldn’t be able to get there after all.

I remembered watching this one video from Business Insider about these Golden Leaf Soft Serves circulating on Facebook and thought, since we were there for a day trip, why not? Kanazawa is famous for its craftsmanship of gold leaves.

It really wasn’t as good as even a McD’s ice cream cone and wasn’t particularly creamy or milky like the soft serve quality I’ve come to expect from a food mecca like Japan, but I probably got one of the rip offs. I’ve heard it actually really does taste amazing.

Anyone had the authentic Kanazawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve? Where did you manage to get the “real deal”?

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