Oh Hello There, Baby Daniel!


It was just less than a year ago when I saw both Ju Ann + Peter walk down the aisle during their beautiful western style wedding at Klapsons Hotel. In a blink of an eye, they now care for an adorable little bundle of joy that has grown into a one month old baby capable of shooting others grumpy and cheeky looks (in intervals of a couple of minutes). The little one is extremely feisty and definitely knows how to communicate to get what he wants! (Powerful gesticulation even from a young age – promising communicator in the making.) Congratulations to the happy parents! How time flies!


I’m pretty baby neutral. Baby neutral meaning I don’t find my maternal instincts rearing its biological-clock-controlled head and I’m pretty sure I’m a bit too hard-assed to be a loving and nurturing mother, so I don’t have any inclination to get married, build a nursery or pop a little critter out of my body. You can bet it’s pretty darn surreal to see friends start families of their own. It appears I have entered “the age” where everyone is probably settling down soon (in a legally binding way). I guess everything in it’s own time. I won’t rule it out but at this stage of my life – not anytime soon. I’m good with being Auntie Carrie.


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