#OnePersonOneThing: Saying That One Thing to A Special Person in My Life


I can be described as a crabby person. I’m hard on the outside protected by a tough shell, but soft and squishy on the inside. It takes me a long time to warm up to people and I keep my feelings to myself and away from the people whom I care about. I distance myself from them in order for me to feel safe and protected. An example of this is my relationship with my father.


An undated photo scan of me and my father on a monorail at Sentosa in my early childhood days

As a child I was daddy’s girl. Every father is a girl’s first hero and I remember racing to the gate of my childhood home with my sister, clamouring to shake his hand before he headed to work because we knew we’d miss him until he came home.

I can’t imagine how he must have felt when I started growing up and fought for my independence. From being a superstar who could do no wrong in the eyes of the much younger kid Carrie to being just my old man whom I didn’t see eye to eye with.


 A photo of me with my dad from 2004 when I was 15

At 19, anxious to strike out on my own, I rebelliously moved out and refused to stay with him or my mother. He would reach out to me countless times over the years and it was only when I was 22, that I began letting go of old baggage.

The few years living apart and growing up allowed me to start appreciating my father as I began understanding the pains of adulthood. As a child I assumed that adulthood meant one would know what was “right” to do at any given time.


Reunion dinner with my dad and sister in recent times

Only as I became an adult myself did I realise, we’re all just big kids living in this world, trying to make sense of everything that happens to us for the very first time – being a husband and being parent, to a baby, toddler, child, teen and adult, included.

This realisation makes the Prudential#OnePersonOneThing activation all the more impactful and touches a soft spot for me.


The #OnePersonOneThing booth

As part of the Prudential #RelationshipIndex and #RelationshipReconnect campaign, you get to head into a secret “confession room” of sorts where you’ll be able to record a 60 second video clip to tell that special someone just how important they are to you and share it immediately with your loved ones.

Visiting the #OnePersonOneThing Booth

Asian families typically show love not through the grand gestures written or spoken, but in the smallest actions and intentions. This activation resonates with most people from typical traditional Asian families, because we are taught to avoid being “mushy” or intimate. But it holds greater meaning for me, especially in context of my relationship with my dad.

Even now as we are able to chat and laugh over meals together, it is still difficult for me to articulate what I really want to say to him, especially my most heartfelt thoughts and feelings. After all, habits die hard.


Reviewing the recording in the booth

Deciding to get into the room was easy, it was getting the words out from the back of my mind that was tough!

Being a courageous, strong and open woman is one of my greatest stretches. Sharing my 60 second video even in the privacy of the #OnePersonOneThing booth was extremely challenging. It got pretty emotional for me and it took me a couple of retakes to get it out.

I wanted to remind my dad that no matter what we go through, that I’ll always still love him. Every disagreement doesn’t mean I love him any less. He is my father and I am always his daughter.

Where will the Booth Be Next?

Create your own video at the Prudential #OnePersonOneThing booth. Here are the upcoming locations for the booth:

  • 5 Dec 2016: Prudential Tower (11am to 7pm)
  • 7 – 9 Dec 2016: Ocean Financial Centre (11am to 7pm)


Visit the booth anytime and create your own #OnePersonOneThing videos

You can even share the clip on your social network to encourage others to do the same and get Magnum minis and $5 Toast Box voucher while you’re at it!


Enjoying my free Magnum Mini after sharing my video

A few weeks back, I wrote that I’ve come to realise that there is a limited amount of time I can share with the people I love and care about. All the more we shouldn’t live as if our lives and the lives of the people we love do not have expiry dates.

Perhaps if you’re a crabby person like I am, you’ll be able to start the ball (of affection) rolling with this #OnePersonOneThing video.

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