Slipping into Pink


Apparently slipdresses are back in trend in Spring 2016. (How curious!)

We’re going back to ’90s or early 2000’s aesthetics for this one, just slightly updated in terms of fabric and detailing choice. Anyone remembers running around in camisole-like dresses which Kate Moss made famous back in the day?

The underwear as outerwear trend hasn’t abated at all since it first hit the fast fashion world. Look at bralettes and cropped tops, all still going strong! Those don’t tickle my fancy, but I do think that the slinky slipdress, by far, is one of the classiest ways to do underwear as everyday outerwear.


This slipdress I have on here is one that I recently bought from Pomelo (where I shop a lot at these days because of their super on-trend but sensible designs). 

Pink hasn’t been my colour for a good number of years now, but I thought it was time to just put on something more feminine and sweeter for a change on my casual date nights out. Totally not regretting that decision. This is a very lovely midi dress (I’m considerably short at 1.6m, so it ended up as a midi). What also caught my attention was the uneven ribbing that ran down the dress.


I was a little worried about it being available only in one size since while I am short, I can be quite broad at the shoulders and chest area, but the material being a knitted polyester gave it a good stretch. The slipdress style is worn nice and loose and that made it really, really comfortable and flattering.

That said, I still think some forms of the slipdresses should be kept for the bedroom and not external wear. For example, pyjamas-like silk variations and lacy negligee types. I think it’s best we keep those back in the ’90s. Great to reminisce about, but not something we should rehash!

Anyway, what do you all think about the returning slipdress trend?

Dress: Pomelo Fashion
Bag: BAGGU via Shopbop (Similar)
Wedges: Charles & Keith
Earrings: Forever21
Necklace: Kate Spade Saturday

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2 Responses to Slipping into Pink

  1. Roxanne at Laced Ivory April 11, 2016 at 8:16 pm #

    Love this dress – and outfit, actually – on you Carrie! You look so lovely here!

    Roxanne at Laced Ivory

    • Carrie April 22, 2016 at 1:53 pm #

      Thanks babe! <3 Miss seeing you around! Hope you've been well. Cheers!

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