Style: Checks and Balance


A vibrant hue of fire truck red and black plaid prints first caught my eye as it peeked out from the rack of new arrivals at Dressabelle Warehouse at 15 Playfair Road, just five minutes from Tai Seng MRT Station. Honestly, if not for the bright colours of the dress and the pleather sleeves, I would have completely missed it.

Off the rack it looks pretty ordinary and I wasn’t convinced that it would suit my body shape, but I know better than to turn my nose up from anything without at least trying it on for its fit! Great fit can turn a dress from “that looks okay” to fabulous (and totally empty out your wallet or bank account).

True enough, check out this gorgeous piece in its full WORN glory.


Let this be a lesson ladies. Never skip trying on something unassuming, because it can be really nothing like what it looks or seems off a hanger on a rack.

And I’ve noticed that most of the pieces I tried on in the changing room at Dressabelle, were lovely worn. They may have been simple designs or look a little bit too big or small to fit my frame, but when I wore them, it was just different and complemented my “regular girl, non-blogshop model” frame so well.




Dress: Dressabelle / Necklace: JL Heart / Bracelet: JL Heart / Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo / Bag: Michael Kors

Photography: Cheryl Tay

Editing: Zachary Yong

I brought this dress over to Shanghai and wore it so comfortably. I was walking and eating (baos) all day and even as my tummy expanded, I still looked pretty good in the dress. I can say whatever I want, but you be the judge of whether this dress is amazeballs or not.

I’ve seen my fair share of clothes that were meant to be “art pieces” that are less than forgiving worn. They may be outstanding on the racks and look so amazing to the point I just want to whip out some cash and take them home, but the moment I tried it on, it looked unflattering.  So it’s great that Dressabelle has gotten the sizing, cut and fit right for most regular OLs.

If you’re looking for suitable workwear that’s not too strict and formal, Dressabelle is the place to go. But while shopping online is a breeze on the website, I think them having a warehouse makes “treasure hunting” easier. Like I said, I would have skipped over this piece if not for me being physically in the store and taking a chance to try it on.

And… if you’d like some stylish jewellery to go along with your outfits, you should really check out JL Heart Online. They’ve recently revamped their website and I love how they’ve got a mix of really feminine AND edgy pieces to suit whatever mood you’re in or outfits you’ve got.

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  1. Rachel May 28, 2015 at 12:22 am #

    Beautiful photos, loving the pattern of your dress.

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