Style: Shopping Pale Pastels


It’s an absolute understatement to say I’m smitten with pastels. I’ve moved from monochrome picks to light blues, pinks and nudes. That was pretty much my colour palette for my entire shopping loot from Bangkok. I guess I was shopping with a colour scheme somewhere in my subconscious.


My two favourite purchases which I have on for this look, a pale powdery blue shift dress in breathable material and nude pair leather heels,  were from Union Mall which is near Chatuchak Weekend Market.

After roasting under the hot sun and perspiring through my tank top during my last trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market, I had already decided, I wouldn’t put myself through that heat and humidity again this time round.

Thankfully, my colleagues agreed that we would head to Union Mall which is fully air-conditioned. A controlled environment with organised chaos of clothing and accessories did seem like a pretty good idea. True enough, it was the best decision ever!

Union Mall was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. While you won’t find dirt cheap “treasures” here, the prices are fairly affordable and comparable plus minus fifty to a hundred baht of what you can get at Platinum Mall or the more prominent stalls at Chatuchak. After all, this shopping mall is targeting the trendy university and young working adult crowd who are looking for fashionable apparel on a budget.


Dress: Union Mall / Heels: Union Mall

As I wandered around the eight-storey shopping complex, I chanced upon a store that sold shift dresses, breezy culottes and maxi dresses in simple no-nonsense cuts. As I stepped inside, I realised they not only carried a wide variety of colours (mostly neutrals and work appropriate colours) but also all apparels came in S, M, L, XL sizes. This is such a relief because one thing I still find a challenge to do in Bangkok is to get something that fits me properly. Most items off the shelves are too small or short for me.

I snapped up a pair of grey culottes and this beautiful classic shift dress in powder blue immediately. Today, I really regret not going for the rest of the neutral shades in the same comfortable cut.

As for those wonderful nude heels, I almost didn’t buy them.

I had my eyes set on a very sensible pair of super comfy ballet flats from one of the many shoe stalls at Union Mall and they were under 300 baht. I was very disappointed to find out that they were out in my size (I have big feet at size 39). So as I just skipped past all the other shops and the shoes stacked on boxes, my lovely colleagues, Alina and Jeline, stopped by one particular shop which seemed to sell slightly more expensive looking heels and loafers.

I joined them and initially didn’t think much of the heels, but after touching the fabric – it was a lush smooth pair of leather heels that resembled a pair of booties – one foot was already out of the door and I was almost sold. The only resistance I had was the price. The enthusiastic and excitable shop keep was chattering away about the great quality, fit and also how they were all made in Taiwan and thus more expensive. The price point at over 1,000 baht, didn’t sit well with me.

But guess what?

I went to try them on and the rest as they say is history.

It felt like my feet were sinking into and enveloped by a plush pillow. It was so comfortable, I could not for the life of me tear my eyes away from it after. I grit my teeth, pulled out the wads of folded baht and dropped them into the shop keeps outstretched hands.  The deal was made and I walked away happily with these nude heels. Not the price I’d usually pay, but it was greater quality than I’d normally get from a Bangkok shoe haul.

Ahh… Bangkok. Land of intensive shopping. I almost lost faith in you, but it seems, faith has been restored.

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