Style: A World Away From My Own

As I strolled through the vermillion torii gates (鳥居) at the Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷大社), I was trying desperately to catch my breath for two reasons. One, the view of rows and rows of these gates was absolutely stunning that it took my breath away; It was a world away from my own… And two, the trek up through the 10,000 torii gates include some really steep climbing; Lets just say it was leg day for me when I visited.

While I definitely wasn’t decked out for a proper hike (I mean, I’m in a dress… and a coat… AND wedges) I am thankful that I made the decision to be vain. Being in a sleeveless breathable sun dress with that very cute black mesh hem peeking out from ClubCouture and having on this coat from Forever New (an old favourite I bought for my South Australia trip two winters ago) became the perfect decision. After a sweaty climb, taking off my coat and being able to bare my shoulders to the cool autumn wind was a welcome respite.


Coat: Forever New / Dress: ClubCouture / Bag: Longchamp

False Lashes from Charee Lashes

I am really enjoying every moment in Japan. It is like a parallel universe. I feel like unlike so many other places I’ve travelled to, my time here is passing at a beautiful pace. At the end of the day I feel refreshed from the multitude of new experiences from my brushes with the culture to the taste of the uh-maaaazing food, and yet I also feel mighty exhausted!

I can’t wait to share about my discoveries in my Kyoto leg of my 10-day trip. Meanwhile, I’m hanging tight while we wait out the typhoon warning. Lots of my love from Japan!

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