Suiting Up: Getting a Made-to-Measure Suit for the Wedding

The F Man has been getting his shirts tailored at K Tailors. The tailoring is not too bad and the price is affordable by Singapore standards. Since we were looking for a tailor for our pre-wedding shoot and upcoming wedding reception dinner, it was off to K Tailors for The F Man to get suited up. They were offering a good deal on custom-made two-piece suits at $399 (with a matching vest thrown in free for the first 100 customers) throughout February and March. The F Man decided to get two suits made-to-measure with them. One for the wedding and one that would be suitable for work.


K-Tailors at 20 Lorong Telok near Clarke Quay


They sell ties, pocket squares, bow ties, cuff links and shoes to complement their made-to-measure suits.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


The F Man discusses elements of the suit and seeks some much needed sartorial advice

The F in “F Man” does not refer to fashionable. Here is a wonderful man who makes great decisions in life except maybe for sartorial ones. It’s just not his forte. I am often reminding him to use Pinterest for some much needed men’s fashion inspiration (like they even have a full category for Men’s Fashion… Come on, the tool is here… just use it). Of course, which man listens to their naggy fiancee or bothers with “mood boards”? That’s a rhetorical question. Don’t answer it.

So here we are, at K Tailors, with no reference images, desperately wondering what the heck to do when faced with a multitude of choices. We’re super high on the decision fatigue scale by the time we were at the choose the fabric stage. Yes, it was only the choose the fabric stage. /Facepalm

I did my part by scrolling through God Yoo and Ryan Gosling in suits which is as helpful as me sending reference images of Size 0 Korean celebrities to my gown designer and wondering if that cut is gonna fit me at a Size 12. Oh well, we all gotta start with something, right?


Choose from the in-house fabrics (no extra cost) or the premium range (which is more expensive)

I mean, there are the in-house fabrics and there is the premium range if you’re looking for something fancier. As a woman, I am told I can see more shades of any particular colour than men. (Don’t know how true. Maybe that’s just alternative news.)

From this suit making experience, I see this cannot be universally true, because there were so many similar looking navy and brown shades, I almost went nuts. The F Man maintained his composure, while I was alternating between “they all look the same to me” and “just choose one lah”.

Particularly challenging was the selection of buttons. I don’t know how you guys get down to the tiny finer details, but even for me, this is getting way too complicated.


Lots of buttons, but let’s not over think the choices.

He obviously had to ask for advice which the nice dude from K Tailors gave plenty of. (Thank you. We trust your sartorial advice okay.) 

This included meaningful and important advice to questions that were posed to The F Man like:

  1. What pocket should he choose?
  2. Did he want to pay more for a nicer inner lining with the world map v.s paisley print?
  3. Cufflinks or just buttons? (Save the trouble and money, buttons only please.)
  4. What colour would the button and button hole be?
  5. What kind of lapels did he prefer?
  6. How long should the sleeves be?
  7. Should the matching trousers be tailored slim fit or tapered?

There were more questions, I just can’t remember them all now.


Getting his measurements taken


More measurements…


And more measurements!

My favourite part was when he asked The F Man this epic question.

Are you gonna work out before your wedding?

This is a simple and common question for most tailors to ask I’d expect. I mean, they need to know if you’ll suddenly come back with like ripped arms and shit and you can no longer fit into this beautifully tailored two piece suit they’ve painstakingly made. But I choked back a laugh and I promise it was not in a mean way.

We gave each other a look and then without thinking, I quipped,

Let’s not be so optimistic. Highly unlikely.

I may have won the award for the meanest fiancee ever to walk into K Tailors… or at least the most candid and painfully honest.

After years of being together, I’m pretty confident that it will take a miracle for us to even step anywhere near a gym, let alone sweat it out. When you take into account that the perfect proposal involves chicken nuggets, you have a good idea of on a scale of fit to fat, where we’re sliding (one chicken nugget at a time) towards, yeah?


Noting down all the measurements taken and confirming The F Man’s suit preferences


Finally done.

We shared our timeline for the suits and also explained when we needed them by. We were told it would take a month or so and we would be able to get it in time for our shoot in mid April with the alterations if needed.


Some suits on display showcasing the fabrics and level of customisation they offer

Previous experience with K Tailors

I have to say The F Man’s previous experience with them was mixed, so I’m sure we have our expectations managed this time round that he’s chosen to get the suits done here.

When he did his shirts at K Tailors previously, it was meant to be in time for Chinese New Year. The shirts weren’t done in time and perhaps the timeline estimate given was way too optimistic. He also had to follow up with them to check on the status of the shirts after the suggested timeline had passed. I was a little surprised they didn’t drop a text or note to give a heads up to The F Man, but I mean, maybe they took on too many Chinese New Year orders? Who knows!

After following up, some time later, he was given an update to head back at K Tailors to try on the shirts, however, they all still needed to be sent for further alterations and this was after Chinese New Year.

The shirts came back well fitted of course after the alterations, but they definitely weren’t able to deliver the finished product by the initial agreed date.

I’ve seen a bunch of negative feedback on K Tailors (not on their Facebook Page which features more positive comments and feedback, but on this damning Reddit thread). Let’s just say I’m not surprised. The price charged here is reasonable and I think it’s also important to manage our own expectations as customers. That’s also why The F Man thought he’d give them a second go even if this does come with higher risks if they don’t deliver on time this time round.

That said, I hope that the team from K Tailors do take steps to keep us informed this time round ahead of the first fitting date if the suits aren’t gonna be made in time since we’ve made the effort to come in earlier, communicate our requirements and made clear when the suit is needed by.

Just to clarify, service was always polite on the occasions we visited. I think the only thing lacking from them is probably more communicative after-sales service and better management of customers’ expectations.

Anyhow, I’ll keep you guys updated on the outcome and I’m curious to see if this time round, they’ll really deliver and the faith in them pays off!

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