Summer Style: The Ever Flattering String Bikini ft DVF Loves Roxy

In this Summer Style post, I have on my favourite Roxy bikini from their exclusive DVF Loves Roxy Collection that was released last year. I’m wearing the Tiki Tri Bikini Top, a best-selling style from Roxy, in the limited edition Roxy Maze True Black Print and a pair of matching Brazilian String Bikini Bottoms. The prints are so cute.

On my recent Bali trip, I wore this bikini to the pool, the beach, do sea sports and learn surfing. (Finally, I went for my very first surf class! I LOVED IT! I wish I could have gone for a full week of lessons!) Its just such a comfortable bikini set and the prints look a-MAZE-ing.

DVF Loves Roxy

DVF Loves Roxy

DVF Loves Roxy

Bikini: DVF Loves Roxy

I still have a photo of me squatting at the beach in my first bikini, sam-seng style. I have to say I looked real gangster with a scowl on my face. Not a graceful little lady, I know. I think I have a photo somewhere, let me dig it out. Looks like I’ve had that fat roll all my life!


Then came the years in between of being “ah pui” (fatty in Hokkien) and I never wanted to be seen in a one-piece, let alone a bikini! But somehow, here I am today at my most body confident. I’m not at my thinnest, but I am at my most comfortable and yes, I do pinch my rolls of fats now and then and moan about them, but that doesn’t stop me from putting on a bikini anymore. I don’t even photoshop my stretch marks because they are my “battle scars” from massive weight loss and yo-yo dieting and I want them to be there as a reminder. I’m imperfect and I really don’t care.

If you’re afraid of what people will think if you wear one, take my advice – no one really cares what you look like in a bikini. I bet you can’t believe this at this point, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from all my years of being insecure is that no one really cares what you look like in your bikini. If they do talk about you and make snarky comments, it’s not so much about how YOU look, but more a reflection of how they think THEY would look in a bikini if they were in your shoes. It is actually of zero consequence to them whether you’re thinner or fatter in one. So you know what, if you like a bikini and wish you could wear one, just heck it and go right ahead just because life is NOT a competition about who looks better in one.

I’ve also found through all those years of trying to find a bikini that wouldn’t make me “look fat”, that a string bikini is by far one of the most flattering styles! I have worn the same string bikinis when I put on or lost weight and I find that it works best because the side string ties are totally adjustable and I can tie it looser to reduce the possibility of a “muffin top” effect like when I put on a too-tight bikini bottom.

Look like a million bucks, feel like a million bucks. That’s what they say! But sometimes I think the reverse rings more true.

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