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Tokyo: Why You Need to Take FASTPASS Seriously

Because of this…  la magnifique mer de l’homme It is the one, it is the only, it is every reason to really understand and use FASTPASS to your complete advantage at Tokyo DisneySea (even more so at Tokyo Disneyland because that place is magical… magically mad with people). DisneySea and it’s magnificent sea of humans […]

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Tokyo: A Table is Waiting at DisneySea

You know what they say, it’s just different when it comes to Disney. It’s the freaking happiest place on Earth – save for the moment when you’re queuing past an hour and have worn high heels because you’re vain and want to look good in all your Disneyland photos. So if you’re feeling like a […]

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Tokyo: Eating My Way Through DisneySEA

“You just have to visit DisneySEA!” exclaimed not one, not two, but three friends of mine who had visited Tokyo in the recent few years. They were very enthusiastic and insistent that I should not miss this theme park and told me it was beyond magical (or thereabouts), and so I worked it into my […]

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