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Creating my Bespoke Wedding Gown with Charmed by Rae

Come to think of it I’m a pretty unconventional bride. Well, more like one part of an unconventional couple. Engagement ring and wedding bands: No need for fancy, expensive bling. Diamond simulants? 22k old fashioned gold bands? #YAAASS The Proposal: No big public proposal. Just being at home with a box of chicken nuggets is my […]

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The Rather Unromantic Story of the Proposal

So just a few days ago, I got officially engaged. I know. Finally. I don’t have a romantic story to tell, but I promise it’s a pretty good one anyway. Don’t worry guys, I’m not pregnant. This news is probably surprising to most of our friends and family, because we’ve maintained a firm and continuous symphony of “no, […]

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Baby Business II

I have been really tardy with documenting my life of late. There were a couple of developments on the personal front that took up a chunk of my time in the second half of last year. Adding to that, I was (and still am) heavily involved in the roadshow and event planning at work. It’s […]

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