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Sushi in Shibuya: Midori Sushi

I’m gonna be jumping back in time for this post. Back in 2014, on our first trip to Japan, our Airbnb was a five to ten minute walk from the JR Shibuya Station and we would pass through Shibuya Mark City on a daily basis as a shortcut. Everyday we would brisk walk past this little […]

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The “Meh” Kanazawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve

Joining my “That Looks Good, But Yep, Looks are All That’s Going For It” list, alongside decked out hipster cafes with decor more impressive than their food, Snapchat filters that make everyone look 100% better AND a Coachella Goddess, and that overrated McDonald’s Salted Egg Chicken Burger, is the Kanazawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve, or rather, it’s impostor. Yes, […]

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Falling in Love with the Onsen Experience in Gero Onsen

I first heard about this quaint little onsen resort town from Flora from her last visit to Japan during winter and I thought it sounded too good to miss… even with my onsen inhibitions. Gero, a resort town, in Gifu is known for their onsen I’ve shied away from planning to visit an onsen, because of what happened […]

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