Bathtime Break with THEFACESHOP – Nature Collection’s Summer Essentials Kit

My little basket of THEFACESHOP – Nature Collection’s Summer Essentials

It’s been awhile since my last post. For all of you wondering, I’m still alive, just learning to take a relaxing break once in awhile. I’m really not sure why I feel so tense all the time these days. Maybe I’m in need of more “downtime” than I realise. Come to think of it, the only time I really disconnect is in the shower with super warm hot water.

I absolutely love it when the steam from all that hot water rises and the scent of whatever fragrant shampoo and body foam I’m using wafts through the air thanks to the heat. I know its downright hot as hell out these days, but when it comes to a shower, hot water’s the way to go, at least in my books.

The past week or so, my relaxing breaks were brought to me by THEFACESHOP – Nature Collection Summer Essentials. The kit features moisturizing and hydrating shower creams and gels, as well as the Professional Defense Shampoo from eco K-beauty brand, BEYOND.


What’s THEFACESHOP – Nature Collection?

Enjoying bathtime breaks with BEYOND bath products

If you’re confused with why THEFACESHOP is carrying another K-beauty brand, here’s the deal. You can now find a curation of the best K-beauty products from their new exclusive chain of stores, THEFACESHOP – Nature Collection.

BEYOND is just one brand you’ll be able to find at THEFACESHOP – Nature Collection chain stores which carries multiple K-beauty brands!

This collection of bath products has some really great scents working for them.

In particular the Professional Defense Shampoo smelled like a berry delightful mix of cranberries, blueberries and juniper berries. I’ve been using it daily as it’s a daily scalp care shampoo that cleanses and nourishes the scalp keeping it healthy and leaving it refreshed.

BEYOND shower cream and gel minis

True to their claims of being moisturizing and hydrating, the BEYOND shower creams and gels left me smelling really good while keeping my skin soft, smooth and not the least bit dry.

So that’s it for today. Since we’re on the topic of bathtime breaks… I know I haven’t gotten round to blogging about my home journey yet, but I just want to say that the renovations for #CareFreeAtHome is coming to an end soon and I have just three important things I’m looking forward to doing. #Priorities

  1. Using my brand new master bedroom bathroom (Plus, displaying all my pretty bathtime essentials!)
  2. Sleeping for more than 12 hours on our Sealy bed (OMG. Can’t wait.)
  3. Setting up our Sonos wireless sound system (I insisted on buying this. Really.)

Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to move in before October ends.

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