Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Digestion

My parents weren’t joking when they said I’d pay for all my bad habits and lack of care for my body as I grew older. I’m only twenty eight, but I already see where they’re coming from now. All the irregular meal times and bad eating habits are coming to bite me in the… behind.

I’ve been complaining of bloating and abdominal discomfort which has become more common place in the last five years. My appetite is irregular and can be negatively impacted by stress. When I’m stuck in a busy spell at work, I can lose my appetite go without food and get by with just a cup of coffee for a whole day. Other times, I find myself unreasonably ravenously hungry and I can’t control my binges. In addition, I’ve noticed that:

  • I find myself feeling cold easily and I cannot sleep in air conditioning because its too cold.
  • I look quite pale (especially my lips).
  • I am easily fatigued and this is made worse by my late nights.

These symptoms all point to a bad digestive system and digestive problems. I have been trying to regulate meal times and I have cut out alcohol as much as possible to reduce toxins in my body.

I’m definitely at the point in my life where I think I don’t mind some extra help. A younger me might not have felt the need for supplements, but I didn’t see why I shouldn’t give those a go – starting with chicken essence.

Having a cup of chicken essence in my Tian Yuan Xiang Pure Cup

You may think people with digestive issues are mostly thin due to lack of absorption. Actually excessive weight gain is also one of the biggest symptoms of a dysfunctional digestive system and according to TCM, that’s due to an imbalance in the energy system of the spleen and stomach.

I’m not surprised how this happened. My years of binge drinking and crash dieting was probably how it started. My irregular meal times and late night eating in the last two years are definitely exacerbating my existing digestive issues. Furthermore, as that happened more and more, I realised I craved food like ice cream, sugary and oily food.

I decided to try out Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence (田原香滴鸡精) to see if it could help improve my general wellness and alleviate my digestive issues. I chose the Chicken Essence for Digestion ($200 for box of 20 packets).

Tian Yuan Xiang is a popular chicken essence brand from Taiwan known for their dedication to their high standards. Chickens raised by Tian Yuan Xiang are not fed antibiotics, hormones or drugs. They are also reared for 150 days, instead of 70 – 90 days which is common practice, as this is the age of mature chickens when their nutrition and collagen are premium.

Store the Tian Xiang Yuan Chicken Essence in a freezer

Tian Xiang Yuan Chicken Essence come in a box of 20 packets. Each box is made using 3.5 chickens and each nutrient-rich packet contains 60cc of concentrated chicken essence. Not a drop of water is added in the preparation process.

The Chicken Essence for Digestion consist of Chinese Herbs like Dioscoreae Rhizoma, Poria, Euryales Semen, Chinese Yam, and Lotus Seed that help nourish weak spleen and stomach, expel phlegm, boost appetite and aid digestion.

It’s suitable for infants, children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women, women who are undergoing postpartum care and for the elderly to improve appetite or as part of post operative care. Basically, that’s almost everyone. It’s also halal certified, so Muslim friends are able to consume this as well.

The only exception is if you’re suffering from a fever, inflammation or from branched-chain organic acidurias (metabolic disorders that disrupt amino acid metabolism). If you went huh? You probably don’t have that condition. However, if you’ve been given special dietary instructions from your doctor, do check with them before taking this.

There’s a bunch of different illustrations, but it’s all the same type of chicken essence.

It’s important to store the chicken essence packets in the freezer and keep them frozen if you’re not going to consume it. Only thaw when you’re ready to consume. It’s also advisable to not keep leftover already thawed chicken essence in the fridge for consumption later. You’ll need to finish it in a go. (Food safety, people. Also, this is to maintain the quality of the chicken essence.)

Taking out a packet of Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence

Cut the aluminium packet and place the chicken essence in a cup or bowl

Preparation is a piece of cake. Really simple. Just take out a frozen packet of Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence from the fridge.

Cut off the top of the packet and place the frozen chicken essence block into a microwave-safe cup with a lid. You can also double boil the chicken essence at 100°C, but I personally feel is much easier (and faster) to defrost and heat it up using a microwave.

I leave it in the microwave for about 1 minute

Golden chicken essence ready to drink!

I don’t like the frozen chicken essence block to stick out of the cup when I microwave it, so I usually just break the block into two and it fits nicely inside. I pop it in for a minute and a half and that’s usually enough to get the chicken essence piping hot and ready to drink.

It’s recommended to take the Chicken Essence for Digestion from Tian Yuan Xiang anytime from when you wake up to about 4pm.

Take the chicken essence before 4pm

I remember how when I was younger, I really wanted to have a taste of chicken essence. When I finally did, i was taken aback by the taste and was a little confused, because while the aroma was pleasant, the aftertaste wasn’t. This wasn’t the case when I tried the chicken essence from Tian Yuan Xiang.

What I liked about the chicken essence from Tian Yuan Xiang is how delicious and rich it tasted without that strong and bitter aftertaste I had experienced years and years ago with another brand. Instead the chicken essence from Tian Yuan Xiang tasted as good as fresh herbal chicken broth. It’s low on calories (one serving is like 16 kcal), sodium and cholesterol as well.

In addition to the Chicken Essence for Digestion, Tian Yuan Xiang has a range of chicken essence for different needs. You can purchase them from their retail store at United Square or order them online through the Tian Yuan Xiang official website. Orders above $250 receive free delivery (worth $10 per order).

Win a box of Tian Yuan Xiang Original Chicken Essence

I really loved the quality and taste of Tian Yuan Xiang and wanted you to be able to try it too.

The Original Chicken Essence from Tian Yuan Xiang is for those who need to fight fatigue and strengthen your body. If you’re always working late nights, this may be what you need.

Tian Yuan Xiang has kindly provided a box of of Original Chicken Essence (10 packets/box) for a giveaway.

All you need to do is follow the instructions on this Instagram post to stand a chance to win a box for yourself, a family member or a friend. Giveaway closes 8 February 2018, 6pm. This giveaway is only open to Singapore residents.

I really loved the taste and quality of Tian Yuan Xiang's Chicken Essence so much that I'm giving a box of 10 Original Essence away to one #blessed person (great to counter fatigue for all you busy workaholics)! I hardly ever do giveaways anymore, but I thought this was a product you guys have just gotta give try, so I worked with @qchicken_tyx to give away a box. Sumpah! I volunteered to do it. To enter the giveaway, simply follow @carriesim, like this picture, comment with why you really need want to win this and tag 2 friends! This giveaway closes 8 February 2018 and is open to Singapore residents only. Winner will be notified by Instagram DM. #TianYuanXiangSG #qchicken_tyx #田原香 #田原香滴雞精 #Wellness #Giveaway #GiveawaySG

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