Tiny Tea 14 Day TEAtox Review: Final Review

If you haven’t read my first impressions review of Yourtea.com ‘s Tiny Tea 14 Day Teatox, you might want to check it out here for an overview of the tea before you read my final review.

I actually completed my 14 Day TEAtox quite some time ago and have even already embarked on another batch of Tiny Tea (I bought myself the 28 Day TEAtox) because I found it so effective.


I don’t think many people understand me when I say that I really have a bloating issue. I used to think I was just packing on the pounds from my bad eating habits, but apparently after drinking the Tiny Tea TEAtox, I realise I am not actually fat and I just really bloat significantly after eating salty or oily food.

It’s a no-brainer that I’ll be quite toned when I eat clean since I do lead a relatively active lifestyle (it’s been about two years since I threw away my sedentary lifestyle and started exercising), but I don’t always have the benefit of doing so all the time and admittedly my body really reacts quite negatively to the rich food I take.

This photo below shows you how much Tiny Tea’s TEAtox has helped me greatly reduce bloat and water retention within one week of having it 30 minutes before or after every meal. I am serious, just after one week, coupled with my usual exercise.


On the left (Before): 5km run on Monday and one hour of physical training, no over indulging and following my regular eating habits

On the right (After): 5km run on Monday and an hour and forty five minutes of Muay Thai class within the week, ate three buffets and one media tasting during this week

I don’t recommend taking in so many calories like I did while on the tea, but it was just situational and I so happened to be having a couple of important meet ups and a tasting to attend. So what I did to balance it a little was throw in extra exercise time for the week when I was on the TEAtox, but it wasn’t significantly more as well.

That said, I think this is a good illustration of how I really found the tea helpful. I experienced regular healthy bowel movements (once a day, but it was not diarrhoea) when I used to have constipation. I didn’t feel as gassy like I usually did. In fact before taking this tea, there were several occasions after lunch or dinner where I’d feel like I was carrying a painful bubble of bloat near my tummy which was horrible, really. I felt so much discomfort when I was bloated. After taking the tea, I find that in general, I feel much better on the whole. It’s a big plus that I look more toned when I take the tea and do some sensible amount of exercise.

Note: I did not lose any weight while taking the tea.

I’d really like to emphasize that this is NOT a weight loss tea. It is a wellness tea. It generally improves your well-being and gets rid of water retention and bloating, but it does not result in weight loss. That can only come from a calorie deficit through either reduction in portions from your usual food intake or increased physical activity or a combination of both.

I’ve been taking it and repurchased it because I really think it is a useful aid. I liked how I felt when I take the TEAtox and I find that while it may seem a little difficult to get into the habit of tea drinking, after a month, you sort of get into the hang of things.

Of course, when I stopped taking the tea, if I didn’t eat “clean” and indulged in too much oily or salty food, the bloat would come back again. Like I said earlier, it is not a weight loss tea, so the reduction of bloat and water retention is never permanent unless you keep to a well balanced diet with less salt, sugar and oil. Some people may be more sensitive to salt, sugar and oil than others, so the effect this tea will have really varies from person to person. I understand that an alternative to Tiny Tea TEAtox is having ginger tea which also alleviates bloating. However, the results are not as immediate of course.

You can purchase the Tiny Tea TEAtox from Yourtea.com. Test it out to see if it works for you with the 14 Day TEAtox which is USD35, but for a convert like me, I’ll take all the savings I can get and stock up on the 28 Day TEAtox. Just a tip, always scour the web for coupons because you can get pretty neat savings! You can follow Yourtea.com on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to keep your eyes peeled for offers.

I hope you’ll enjoy this product as much as I do!

P.S: Just a shout out to Amber (Yes, Hello Faizah’s friend, Amber, it’s you I’m talking about)! Thanks for reading and here’s the update post as promised, albeit quite late! 🙂

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3 Responses to Tiny Tea 14 Day TEAtox Review: Final Review

  1. gwen alvarez August 4, 2014 at 2:01 pm #

    amazing review. i did a 28day teatox and like i did not lose weight but less bloating. im also on my 2nd 28day teatox. 🙂

    • Carrie August 6, 2014 at 11:38 am #

      Thanks Gwen! It’s a fantastic product and I love that its so easy on the body without any excessive diarrhea! Awesome!


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