Tokyo: A Table is Waiting at DisneySea


You know what they say, it’s just different when it comes to Disney. It’s the freaking happiest place on Earth – save for the moment when you’re queuing past an hour and have worn high heels because you’re vain and want to look good in all your Disneyland photos.

So if you’re feeling like a Chinese girl from the 19th century with bound feet, you can take a break at one of the marvellous musical shows like A Table is Waiting next to the S.S Columbia at the Dockside Stage of American Waterfront. It’s the Captain’s Dinner Invitation!


Oh Mickey, looking dapper in uniform!

A Table is Waiting runs for about thirty (30) minutes and features Japanese dialogue in between several song (both Japanese and English) and dance segments. It’s basically a dinner themed musical affair peppered with slapstick comedic moves with Lumiere trying to present the perfect dinner featuring cuisine from the world over after Mickey and friends have returned from their world cruise.

I am a fan of musicals and I like the idea that people can break out into song for absolutely no rhyme or reason, so I enjoyed this so much! I was tapping my feet to the beat and trying to clap my hands amidst taking photographs.


Everyone’s favourite dancing French Candlestick.


Bring on the strange flowers and gold Indian-inspired lamps

What’s hilarious is that basically I’m watching a stage full of ingredients and Disney characters dressed as food hop around animatedly with insanely perfect grins on their faces. The Disney training is impeccable. They all smile the same and it’s not just any smile, its this wide, lovely, “I love you, come join us” kind of toothy smile. Talk about standards! Oh, and Lumiere’s mouth actually moves, because they revealed a part of the performer’s painted face.


Things are getting hot in here Mexican Tacos plus Chip & Dale

So Chip and Dale start the dinner with a serving of Mexican Tacos and humourous Mariachi Music. After some high energy butt wiggling by these two chipmunks and lots of jumping and belting out of two songs, “Hot Hot Hot” and “My Tacos is Wonderful”, Donald and Daisy are up with their hot and spicy segment featuring Indian curry, bellydancers, and a very cute version of “Spice Up Your Life” (Goodness, Spice Girls).
Half the fun at this point is just watching the shenanigans happening on stage because there’s going to be all those typical “cartoonish” jokes about things getting too hot with all those spicy choke-inducing peppers and gold curry lamps.


And apparently it gets spicier when Donald comes on stage with flaming peppers


But not before Daisy sizzles on stage in this Thai-Bollywood-Arabian dancer get up

While you’re laughing at Donald’s signature “Wah wah wah wah” screams and silly antics and Daisy just shakes her fluffy duck belly for all its worth, before you know it Pluto sneaks onto the stage and barks his way into a military beat. I kind of got the USA connection with the red, white and blue plus fast food reference. Everything goes loco here with three songs, “Stars and Stripes Forever”“Yankee Doodle”, and “Rockin’ in the USA”. This is accompanied by a ton of acrobatic moves as the burger ingredients attempt to gymnastic  leap onto each other. Okay guys, take a chill pill.


The USA represented by… none other than nutrition in the form of burgers and fries


A healthy dose of entertainment with very cheerful cheerleading vegetable women

Then comes Goofy and his bento set entourage and BGM of traditional Japanese music, “Zui Zui Zukkorobashi” and “Abukutatta”. It’s all in the details for this part of the show. I mean, check out those costumes. They stuck on little bits of Japanese ingredients so that it’s unmistakable that the dances are songs are about Japanese food.


Goofy does the token segment; A nod to DisneySea’s location in Japan with his Renkon-adorned  kimono jacket


Oh yeah, welcome to Japan!


Excuse me, rice balls, giant shrimp and scallops, coming through!

Then comes a sickening sweet Disney affair – Mickey and Minnie recount their romantic date in Paris and you get these two tromping all over the stage with cute Parisian desserts doing a kind of cutesy umbrella dance. I love your get-up Minnie. Fantastic taste – very Lolita-esque and Mickey seems to be dressed like a chocolate-flavoured Willy Wonka complete with a top hat and  brown coat  with psychedelic Austin Power swirl trim.


And of course a prerequisite Mickey and Minnie courtship dance segment


Very pretty with those twirling umbrella and dessert pouffy dresses

Things descent into chaos at one point and Lumiere gets some kind of depressed after “Be My Guest” goes bonkers… everything went cuckoo. Too much food, too little table space perhaps? But all’s well, ends well and it ends up with a nice finale piece featuring the original “A Table is Waiting”. 


I am guessing they are dressed as the seafood buffet line?


Oh yes, #TeamDisney did it again!

I really thought the whole show was really engaging and adorable. My understanding of what was being said in Japanese: Nada! But then again I didn’t really have to because it was so self explanatory and easy to enjoy. It was a hoot seeing Disney characters ham it up on stage in food outfits and the dancing was so ON POINT; there’s so much perfection even if these guys are in huge, heavy mascot suits or costumes. While most Disney shows rely on some lighting or visual effects to create a magical experience, this one is just all music and dance and that really is good enough to set the mood and transport you to where A Table is Waiting. If you have time at DisneySea to take a rest, just rest those feet while watching this. It was totally worth the half hour.

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  1. Joanne January 30, 2015 at 9:46 pm #

    Hi, i chanced upon your blog and i enjoyed reading it. May I know what camera u r using to take the pictures? Thanks:) I am looking for one that can bring along to my solo trip to Japan 🙂

    • Carrie January 30, 2015 at 10:44 pm #

      Hey Joanne, thanks for the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying the photos (and accompanying thoughts).

      I am using a Canon 60D and for most of the photos in this post, I am using a Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens. I am used to the weight and build and as such I don’t mind it much. However, I noticed most of my girlfriends commenting it is a monstrous size for a girl. If you’re travelling alone and would like to get great shots, I would suggest getting a mirror-less camera instead.

      I am currently considering to get myself a mirrorless for travel and day-to-day use as it is so much smaller and lighter. The best one on the market now should be the Sony A7 Mk II, or the Sony A7 (older model) which is a full frame camera (unlike my 60D which is a cropped one) and is a really nice and compact mirrorless camera:

      Surprisingly the A7 isn’t as expensive as I thought! If I could turn back time I would buy that first thing! Haha. Oh well!

      You could also consider the Olympus EM-10 which is also excellent. 🙂

      OH YES! My little tip is not to fuss about the body of the camera. Get one you’re comfortable with and find easy to navigate around (and fits your hands well). Spend your money on good lenses and of course practice on your framing. That’s the game changer!

      Hope this is helpful!

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