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Last year, I packed my bags and flew with two friends, Loo and GT, to Bali for the very first time. The Island of the Gods spans 5,780 km² but on that short trip, I only explored the chic and hipster populated Seminyak in South Bali.

The whole holiday was so much more amazing than I had imagined and prepared for. I thought it would be no different from any other beach getaway. I guess some places agree with me more than others. Maybe its the good vibes of a place as spiritual as this. 


Seminyak Beach at Sunset

I remember spending a leisurely evening lying on deck chairs by the sandy beach and watching the sun set, casting a gleaming magnificent gold shade across the waves  before sky and water finally merged into one as darkness fell; a magical moment indeed.


Delicious rendang, fragrant rice and my favourite prawn crackers

Oh… and the food was just incredible. While I had nothing but marvellous meals at the famed Potato Head Beach Club, I also fell in love with everything else that I could have there. The streets of Seminyak are lined with cafes, restaurants and bistros, each selling a different cuisine. Sometimes we stumbled into little places without plan and found that we actually liked the food there.


Potato Head Beach Club

Of course the best part of being in Bali is being completely ready to leap into the water. Being constantly decked in beach wear, shorts, slippers, tank tops with bikinis underneath, is de rigueur in Bali. At least in Seminyak. After all, we were always near the beach or a pool. Awesome, awesome times and that trip was so rejuvenating because I was always near water – something I consider a complement to my earthy elements.

Chilling at the hotel pool

That said, there’s more to Bali than just Seminyak and I am already wondering if it’s about time to plan another escape to see the quiet and scenic Ubud or Uluwatu where other than just enjoying glorious Balinese cuisine, I could indulge myself in the arts and temples of Bali.

Luxola re-introduced me to The Luxe Nomad for this collaboration. Being in the travel industry, I remember reading about this website and I even thought it was pretty cool that it allowed users to access a list of well curated four and five star hotels and resorts across Asia and Europe. The site offers these luxurious experiences for less – sometimes even up to 70% off on flash deals.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 7.23.17 PM

That’s a great proposition for the travellers among us who aren’t going to launch ourselves into backpacking, sleeping in motels and that sort of budget travel experience and are looking for a touch of style and  luxury, but would love to do so affordably.

Luxola-The Luxe Nomad

Checking out luxurious curated accommodation on The Luxe Nomad

And honestly, what better place to visit and book accomodations via The Luxe Nomad than Bali? It’s renowned as a pampering villa holiday location. I browsed through the site and spotted a few excellent villas in Bali that would be absolutely pampering for a short 3D2N getaway.


Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa (Book here)


Kamandalu, Ubud (Book here)


Karma Kandara (Book here)

Anyway, after selecting a jaw dropping place to stay. It’s time to figure out what to pack. Beach holidays don’t require a lot and that’s what makes it so enjoyable and stress-free.

However, if like me, you like to look presentable and photo-ready during your trips, the best companion to follow you on holiday to gorgeous locations is this Real Techniques® Travel Essentials ($39) from Luxola. It is so compact and has three useful makeup brushes. Ditch any ten brush sets for this bare necessities in a versatile neat case.


Three very useful Real Techniques brushes are all you need on holiday

There’s three full-sized ultra-plush brushes that will cover most of the makeup you’ll be doing on a beach holiday:

  • Essential foundation brush (Liquid Foundation, Tinted Moisturiser or  BB Cream)
  • Multitask brush (Powder, Blush or Bronzer)
  • Domed shadow brush (Eyeshadows)

I’ve previously heard about these wonderful heaven-sent brushes from Real Techniques® through two of my girl friends, Nat and Rachie and they lived up to their recommendations.


Deposits blush so well onto my cheeks and also face powder


Picking up eyeshadow and blending them on my lids is a breeze


Liquid foundation is easily and evenly applied using the Real Techniques® Foundation Brush

The bristles were soft but very durable with hardly any bristle fall-out that can often happen with cheaper, less high quality makeup brushes.

Taking into consideration the price you’ll pay for this three babies, that’s extreme value for money. Every girl on a tight beauty budget should really add these to their makeup arsenal and skip the more expensive brand name splurges and spend it on quality skincare and make up instead.


The brushes can be stored in the case it comes with

What’s really nifty is this smart 2-in-1 case which doubles as a stand for your brushes. How neat is that? You can loosen the toggle (attached to a nylon string) and have it closed like how I did in the photo above as a simple brush case OR you can pull and tighten the toggle and bend the case to have it transform into a stand. like in the photo below.


Turn that case into a stand in seconds


Tighten toggle to create a stand for the brushes

This is extremely helpful for when I want to wash my brushes and dry them or when I don’t want to have my other brushes rolling around the table as I get my makeup applied. Genius!

The Real Techniques® Travel Essentials can be found at Luxola.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 8.36.39 PM offers free delivery with every minimum purchase of $40

If you’re keen to do some shopping on Luxola, I’ve got a discount code that will get you 15% off all first time orders on Luxola. Just key BLX-CARRIESIM on checkout. This code is valid till 16 June 2015.

15% off is gonna go a long way as you shop your way through Luxola, which carries over 200 leading and cult beauty brands. Do note that the discount does not apply for non-discountable brands. You can view Luxola’s FAQ to find out which ones.

Unfortunately, Real Techniques® is a non-discountable brand and you won’t be able to get 15% off. But with prices already so affordable, I’m sure you’ll agree that its already fantastic value. You can use that 15% off to grab other important travel essentials like sunscreen from Dr Jart and This Works In Transit Muscle Therapy, which will be God-sends after all that frolicking in the sun, surfing and other strenuous activities.

That said, there’s still three great reasons why you should shop at Luxola:

  1. You’ve now got a 15% off coupon to use as you deem fit (it works for SK-II by the way, I checked, you’re welcome)
  2. You get free delivery if your order is a minimum of $40 (beauty at your fingertips AND doorstep)
  3. Your spending at Luxola can nab you LX Points ($1 to 1 LX Point and earn more during birthdays, doing reviews or opting for self collection from Luxola, sweet right)

This post was written in collaboration with Luxola X The Luxe Nomad

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