All Day Full-Spectrum Protection: The ultimate miracle worker

If I had to describe myself in three words:

Driven, Unruffled, Go-Getter

I am the sort of woman that you’d find out the entire day, busy with something or other.


Scouting locations for shoots under the sun – need to get protected!

My days often blur into weeks and months because of my intense schedules around my day job as a community manager which I juggle with my desire to stay connected on social media. I squeeze in events and blogging. I’m always on-the-go. Weekends is my time to really hit the streets and to take advantage of the great sunlight to shoot. As the sun goes down, that’s surrounded by gorgeous city lights that will allow me to get an excellent portrait shot. If I’m lucky, I don’t even switch on my laptop for a change on the weekends, but I’m definitely checking my phone every so often for updates-on-the-go.

An everyday miracle for me is to find an all-in-one product that I don’t have to constantly reapply, but offers my skin the daytime protection it needs, whether I’m indoors or outdoors, resting or working, so that I can focus on really getting everything sorted in my professional and personal life.


ultimate miracle worker multi-rejuvenating lightweight emulsion and eye cream

Enter philosophy’s groundbreaking new anti-aging range, ultimate miracle worker, to complement my always “on” lifestyle. This is one of the first in the world that offers multi-protection against the full-light spectrum. It rebuilds and rejuvenates my skin, barraged by the environmental stress, while offering protection against not just the notorious UVA and UVB, but also the remaining 93% of the light spectrum which consist of visible and infrared light.

Don’t forget about visible and infrared light

Guess what? Visible and infrared light actually accounts for 50% of the free radicals linked to sunlight. Imagine that so far, most traditional sunscreens that protect us against UVA and UVB have only addressed half of the premature aging and skin damage caused by free radicals. This is what makes the ultimate miracle worker range so different and remarkable. The fact that it now prevents accelerated aging, through exposure of full-spectrum light on my skin through my everyday activities, and allows my skin to activate the skin-rejuvenation process makes it an everyday miracle.

80% of the signs of aging can be attributed to the environment, particularly the sun. The sun’s spectrum is a continuum of uv rays, visible light and infrared rays, and our exclusive technology is the ideal way to protect against this light spectrum, while activating the skin-rejuvenation process for the appearance of younger-looking skin. Now skin can repair itself better.”

Muriel Pujos, Head of Scientific Communication, Philosophy


All-in-one moisturiser and anti-aging protection in a lightweight emulsion

The thing about having wanting and having good skin is that you must be determined to keep it that way and that takes being diligent in your skincare regime.

multi-rejuvenating emulsion broad spectrum spf 25 fps ($100)

It’s helpful that in the Ultimate Miracle Worker range there is the multi-rejuvenating emulsion broad spectrum spf 25 fps which functions as a quick and easy moisturiser and anti-aging protection rolled into one. This also comes in a cream as well. Multi-purpose skincare products? Always welcome by this busy lady.


This emulsion is perfect for the humid weather in Singapore – it’s much lighter than a cream

This product boasts no perfumed formula, or at least I didn’t smell it. Although I did catch a light whiff of SPF, but nothing too strong.

It absorbs into skin so well and doesn’t leave skin feeling icky and sticky (that would be most unbearable in this weather and humidity), while leaving it radiant and well hydrated.

Being able to have a well-moisturised face that isn’t a shiny oil slick while being well-protected, in this heatwave? That’s another thing thing I consider a downright miracle!


No stickiness and is quickly absorbed – the texture you’d want from an emulsion

The Multi-Rejuvenating Emulsion contains patented bi-retinol and active plant cells that work towards rebuilding natural collagen and rejuvenating skin. Some other key ingredients include:

  • Visible and infrared light reflectors (ruby powder and titanium dioxide-covered mica)
  • Broad spectrum UVA and UVB filters (avobenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene)
  • Patented and exclusive anti-oxidant complex (angelica, green coffee, bitter orange peel, pongamia, green tea)

multi-rejuvenating eye cream broad spectrum spf 15 fps ($90)

Use the multi-rejuvenating eye cream broad spectrum spf 15 fps made with patented technology alongside the emulsion for brighter and healthier eye area with reduced lines, wrinkles and dark circles with improvements in terms of firmness and puffiness. It also has SPF 15 which I’ve not often seen in an eye cream.

This may be a cream-based eye cream, but the lightness of it is wonderful and it is really hydrating. It melts into skin, which was definitely a plus for me. I expect most creams to be intensely moisturising, but terribly rich, but this was great.


The ultimate miracle worker duo may not be suitable for intense activities and voluntary tanning, but are effective all-in-one products for full protection all day, keeping me covered all day till night.

You can purchase philosophy’s ultimate miracle worker range from Sephora.

Discover and Try Out the ultimate miracle worker

philosophy Pop-Up at ION Orchard

From now till 25 May 2016, visit philosophy’s pop-up at ION Orchard, Level 1 atrium, just outside ION Sephora.

You’ll not just only be able to discover the new ultimate miracle worker range and find out which product works best for you, but you’ll also enjoy attractive weekly specials and gifts with every purchase.

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